5 FRUIT-ful Benefits For Your Skin

The last few months I’ve held a “cooking” class for tweens. Instead of filling our bellies, we are ‘feeding our skin’ with some pretty amazing remedies from Gena Surphlis, creator of COOKING COSMETIC. The recipes include all natural ingredients found at your local grocery store. Gena keeps the kids informed about the advantages of healthy ingredients and using natural products in their skin care routines.

Some of my favorite classes covered the benefits of using fruits for your body and skin:

PapayasTeen skin is prone to breakouts which could lead to spots and an uneven skin tone on the face and body. Papaya contains papain — an enzyme known for its gentle exfoliating benefits. Papaya along with honey can help lighten the skin in areas with uneven pigmentation.

Watermelon: Watermelon makes a great facial toner! Watermelon is loaded with antioxidants and amino acids that clears pores and controls oil on the skin. Combine watermelon with witch hazel and distilled water for an easy skin refresher.

Lemons: Lemons are one of the most popular home skin care ingredients. Lemon juice can be added to your favorite facial cleanser or shampoo to prevent dandruff and replenish and tone your scalp. A few lemon slices will soften rough skin on heels and elbows too.

ApplesApples are another multi-tasker. Rinse hair with apple juice to boost shine and reduce dandruff. You can rub thin apple slices on your face to clean it and control oily skin. Great remedy to combat acne too.

Strawberries:  Strawberries are an excellent exfoliator as they are rich in salicylic acid to penetrate deep within the pore. Strawberries help lessen the appearance of whiteheads and blackheads. Rich in antioxidant Vitamin C, it assists in collagen production which reduces lines and wrinkles. Alpha-hydroxy acids increase skin cell renewal to reveal vibrant youthful skin.

To keep my skin tone even and ward off breakouts, I use an all natural face mask made in my own kitchen. I mash fresh strawberries and lemon juice together to apply to my face.  I follow with a cool rinse of water after 10 minutes. The concoction brightens my skin and I follow with olive oil to moisturize. It’s an easy way to remove excess oil buildup, reduce blemishes and tone my skin all at once.

Be Happy In Your Skin!


Today’s Guest blogger Toscha Taylor’s love affair with makeup started from an interest in art and design as a child.  Feeling that the corporate world stifled her creativity, she ventured into the music industry.  There, her passion for beauty blossomed after watching another makeup artist work with an artist’s personal style, not against it.  Toscha resolved that individuality would be the basis of her artistry. Focusing on the everyday woman, she not only accentuates their natural beauty, Toscha ensures that her clients are introduced to new cosmetic products and techniques and routines that are tailored to their needs.  Working with beauty brands like L’Oreal Paris, MAC Cosmetics, Shu Uemura and Giorgio Armani allows her to keep up with makeup trends easily.  Paired with an obsession for all things beauty, The BLACKswan Beauty Blog was born. There she rants about beauty finds, styling tips, natural skin care and much more.


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