5 “Look Good” Party Tips


Two days to go! Two days for the countdown to usher in 2014! It’s about time you got into the party prepping mode.

Here are five quick tips to look good while you paint the town RED this year:

Pamper your body with the perfect plan!  Its time to plan your style statement, scan your wardrobe for options, check your makeup box and most importantly pamper and prep your body.

“Two days earlier” is always best when it comes to that spa you were thinking about, new hair-do, or hitting the nail bar for a great mani-pedi. You could also tighten up that diet a little to lose some quick pounds before the party.

Play “Dress up!” What better occasion than a party to play dress-up! Checkout the style trends that are ruling the party circuits in clothes and accessories. Try out that LBD, red lace dress, glittering one-shoulder, the strapless, the maxi dress, or that sequined bandeau.

Look for silhouettes that will make you feel attractive.  Always go in for something that you are going to be comfortable in – especially when it comes to shoes. Comfort equals confidence equals great looks.

Let your skin do the talking! Beautiful skin always makes heads turn! Accentuate your daily beauty routine with natural scrubs and packs of chocolate, saffron or a homemade honey-egg pack! Go in for a facial treatment that will give your skin that extra glow.

Drink lots of water and eat right. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day and include red yellow and orange fruits and vegetables that contain beta-carotenoids for anti-aging boosters.

Get that makeup oomph: When it comes to makeup, less is more. Start with a good clean-up ritual, making sure you use a primer for long lasting makeup and team it up with a good foundation and concealer. Accentuate one part of your face, leaving the rest to complement it.

You can try bold smokey, thick kohl-lined eyes with a lighter or a nude shade of lipstick and gloss, or a deep velvety red with gold shimmering eye makeup. False lashes, mascara, shimmer, glittering beads or striking colors will surely add oomph to your make up.

Little things that matter much: While heading out for your  party little things like brushing your teeth, popping a mouth freshener, applying a no-sweat deodorant, checking your outfit for any last minute touch-ups and your handbag for the right supplies is important.

However, the most important thing would be to put on your best smile, pin up your confidence and flaunt your oomph!

Happy New Year 🙂


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