5 Outdoor Activities To Boost Your Skin Health

great outdoors month

June is celebrated as Great Outdoors Month for the sun is shining bright and happy! Its Summer . Jump out of your  A/C indoors and feel that summer sun… Yum-mm… Soak up on Vitamin D and let the natural air bring out the natural flushed color of your cheeks.  Flex your muscles, sweat it out, and watch your skin glow!

Outdoor activities are extremely important, for your body, mind, and even your skin. They simulate and enhance the circulation of  blood. This ensures that an adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients reaches all parts of the skin making it healthy and supple.

Simultaneously, outdoor activities make you sweat-  thereby eliminating toxins, activating and regulating the production of sebum – the skin’s natural moisturizer. Your skin looks fresh, healthy, supple, and glowing. Here are mySkin’s top 5 outdoor skin invigorating activities for you:

Fun at home – Gardening Soak up the morning sun and watch your garden grow! What a double delight. Gardening not only helps you get that much-needed vitamin D, it also is a great activity to increase your feel good factor. Let’s not forget, happiness first reflects on your face!

Down the street – Cycling Got some quick grocery shopping to do? Hop on your bicycle and enjoy the wind in your hair. Cycling is a great cardio. work out. Your skin needs to breathe in the fresh air. How about you enjoying the real thing instead of that sweaty gym bike all the time?

Up the Mountains – Trekking A breathtaking exercise that enables you to work your muscles and sweat it out while enjoying new pristine sights. Trekking is also a form of cardio. exercise that increases circulation, thereby improving the quality and the health of the skin.

By the sea – Beach volleyball and swimming If you live by the sea, you can enjoy a game of beach volleyball with friends or family.  You’ll enjoy the fun sport and also benefit by playing barefoot in the sands. A dip in the cool waters of the sea post your play will help your skin cool down and absorb all the natural vitamins and minerals present in the sea water. Sea Water is also beneficial for inflamed or dry skin as sea salt reduces inflammation and hydrates dry skin.

What’s new – Flash mob dancing  Its cool- flash-mob dancing. A totally feel-good, fun, outdoorsy  activity that combines the benefits of dancing as an exercise and brings in an element of fun. While you’re out, just about anywhere, you can participate in a flash mob dance. The workout will give your skin a sudden boost of health. Break into a gig and get those flushed cheeks!

Good skin health is not only found in a spa, similarly exercising need not only happen in a gym! Get out, get moving, and get skin healthy! Remember to slather on your sunscreen!!


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