5 Power Packed Exotic Vegetables For Your Skin

veggiesToday is Eat Your Vegetables Day.

We have fond memories of fighting the Broccoli Aliens, defeating the squads of the Beans-y Army and Colonel Carrot, winning the great veggie battle and finally feeding them to our always-hungry Labrador, Mitch! A super victory against all those dreadful veggies!

Times change; and so do your eating preferences especially if you are skin-savvy and a believer of the “you-look-what-you-eat” concept. While you are aware of the skin-benefits of the colored bell peppers, avocado and the kale leaves, there is a more exotic way to great skin-health.

Put your hands together for the new kids on the block – the exotic vegetables! They add a zing to your taste, giving you awesome skin-benefits.

The Asparagus Bean – Also known as the Yardlong Bean or Chinese Long Bean, these asparagus-like beans are a tropical/sub-tropical vegetable with a surprising punch of skin healthy nutrients. A great source of Vitamin C, folate, and Magnesium, they are also a great way to pack in more proteins, Vitamin A, iron, and potassium. Hurrah for their anti-aging, nutty flavor!

Maca – Maca, also known as the “Peruvian Ginseng” is a member of the radish family. Mostly consumed as a supplement, maca has a slightly ‘malted’ or toasted oats-like taste. Maca has been long used as a folk-remedy by the habitants of the Andes for centuries. An excellent source of Vitamins B, C and E, iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium and iodine, the vegetable is best known for its hormone-balancing and energy-boosting properties. Widely used by athletes as a supplement for peak performance and women for regulating hormones during menstruation and menopause, maca is otherwise known as a great remedy for clearing acne and blemishes.

Wheatgrass – Wheatgrass is simply the sprouted ‘grass’ or leaves of wheat. The benefits of wheatgrass are long-known, however, the use in juices as a detoxifier is a recent trend. Wheatgrass is an alkalizer, with high contents of Vitamins A, B, C, E, and K. It has an array of skin benefits like, clearing acne, reducing blemishes, curing diseases like eczema and psoriasis, fights body odor, builds immunity, has enzymes that fight cancer tumours, and keeps skin glowing. A true powerhouse of benefits for your skin!

Komatsuna – Komatsuna, a Japanese dark green leafy vegetable mainly used in stir-fries and salads is now being used in a number of green smoothies purely for its nutritional and skin-health benefits. Komatsuna has a higher content of iron than spinach, rich in calcium, and is packed with Vitamin A and C. Komatsuna is best for skin rejuvenation and improves quality and texture of the skin.

Celeriac – The lesser known root of the celery leaves, mainly popular in France and Eastern European regions, celeriac is a surprising vegetable with a host of skin benefits, that are most often ignored. Firstly, celeriac is a great skin hydrator, keeping the skin fresh and supple. The high content of Vitamin C helps in improving skin tone, elasticity and revealing younger skin. it also reduces inflammation of the skin.

Juice them, stir-fry them, add them to smoothies or make luscious curries, there are a surprising  number of health benefits you can get from these exotic vegetables.


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