5 Quick Skincare Tips For Models On The Runway


The lights are on, the music’s about to roll and you’re backstage putting on your final touches. You’re 15 minutes away from the spotlight and you find… your “runway look” is in peril! Well, there’s hardly any time for you to really pamper your skin, you don’t have the time to sit and take care of that zit the way you would ideally like to, or have time to let your eye cream settle in and work its magic.

With your adrenalin hitting overdrive and your confidence in a panic state, what are you going to do? Deep breathe! The first principle to quick-fixing a problem is to take a deep breath and relax! Yes, you will find a way to fix your problem – even with only 10 minutes in hand. Once you’re composed you will see that you can think more clearly. As for the quick skincare tips- here you go!

Impending doom – a pimple on the way!

Ideally, you would want to leave that zit alone. However, you need a quick-fix, and fast. Rub an ice cube over the pimple area. This reduces redness, freezes the pore, removes excess oil and keeps the swelling down.

Puffy eyes make you look sore

No time to lie down with cucumber slices and green tea-bags? All you need is four spoons and a bowl of icy water. Dip the spoons in the water, take 2 spoons out and place on your eyes. When the spoons become warm, use the other pair. You can continue for 4 to 5 minutes.

Nightmare nail paint chip

There is absolutely no way you can remove and re-apply that nail paint, without endangering the other nails, or without making that chipped nail look more disastrous by over-coating. Your solution: Use a toothpick to dab on and fill only the chipped area. Lesser wet paint leads to faster drying!

Cellulite- Oh no!

The tiniest bit of cellulite can make your bikini strut look disastrous! With minutes to go, a good bronzer is your best friend! Apply onto the area to blend-in and give you a slimmer look.

Stub out that butt!

For many of you who like to light up just before you’re on, try to kick the habit. For starters, cigarette smoke can mix with your makeup and cause acne. Puckering your lips to smoke can ruin your freshly-applied lipstick and if the smoke goes into your eyes – your eyes could water, ruining your eye and cheek makeup!

Don’t worry- mySkin’s got your back! 5…4…3…2…1 you’re on!


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