Shower Me With Hearts

Prepping up for the day of love? How about starting your shower routine all pink, red and natural during this ‘love in the air’ month of February? Here are five ‘love-filled’, ‘heart-y’ natural shower products to pamper yourself with.

hoiney glycerine rose soapHoney Glycerine Rose SoapGlycerine soaps win hands-down in the shower. These soaps are gentler, more moisturizing and are great cleansers. This is a natural product made from coconut oil, palm oil, glycerine and honey with a rose fragrance. The combination of these ingredients helps the skin to retain moisture. Coconut oil, its main ingredient is hydrating, deep cleanses and has antibacterial properties. This product is devoid of detergents, surfactants, alcohol and chemicals. heart-shaped-vibrating-massage-spongeHeart Shaped Vibrating Massage Sponge- Exfoliate and gently massage your skin! This heart shaped massage sponge comes with an attached vibrator. You can relax in your shower while this sponge massages your face and body along with sloughing off those dead skin cells. This product helps ease stressed out muscles making you feel good and energized.

spongelleSpongelle – Get innovative! Spongelle is a sponge that contains a shower gel inside it. The gel is infused with hydrating olive oil, soothing bergamot, detoxifying sea kelp extracts and anti-aging lemongrass to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin. All you need to do is, squeeze it in warm water, use it on your skin to exfoliate and massage your skin. The infused gel will leave your body moisturized and cleansed with an inspiring peony-cassis fragrance.

Heart Shaped Salt Stone- Himalayan Bath salt stones are known for their detoxifying and mineralizing properties. The minerals naturally present in these stones help in drawing out the toxins from your body and melting those tensions away! Heat this bath salt stone before use.

watermelon bath meltsWatermelon Bath Melts –  Treat your skin with these amazing bath melts. Once you immerse them in your tub, they will release an infusion of glitter, rose petals and cocoa/shea butter oil to moisturize and rejuvenate your skin. The fizzing of these bath melts will leave your body invigorated with a yummy watermelon flavor.

What products do you love to pamper yourself with in February?


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