5 Skincare Myths Busted- BOOM!


When it comes to caring for the skin, we are all guilty of experimenting with it. Skincare advice that your favorite aunt gave you, bits of information that you found on the internet and skincare rituals that your mom practiced can turn into small  habits that you incorporate in your skincare regime. However, do they really help or hurt your skin? It’s time to bust some common skincare myths! BOOM! 

MYTH 1: Drinking a lot of water will cure dryness of the skin

BUSTED: Of course drinking adequate amount of water is great for your health and keeps you away from dehydration, but it does not cure dry skin. There are a multitude of reasons for skin dryness- the environment you live in, your stress levels, your food habits, your level of exercise, your genetics and your skincare regimen.

For dry skin, using a good moisturizer regularly, cleansing with a milk-based moisturizer and exfoliating regularly is needed. Water alone won’t do the trick!

MYTH 2: Using many SPF products together will increase the level of sun protection.

BUSTED: You use an SPF30 moisturizer, plus an SPF25 foundation and top it off with an SPF10 compact powder before stepping out in the sun. So, you have a total sunscreen protection of SPF65!

We regret to tell you that sunscreen does not work the cumulative way. Layering your skin with SPF will only protect you up to the highest number of SPF product you use. Thus, SPF30 + SPF25 + SPF10 equals SPF30!

MYTH 3: It’s better to use natural products than synthetic ones.

BUSTED: Sadly, there is no safe way out here. Natural or synthetic, a skin irritant is a skin irritant. Even ingredients derived from natural products can harm, depending upon sensitivity of your skin.

Dermatologists in fact recommend using silicone or mineral-based products that work without penetrating the skin. So if you are an “au naturelle” enthusiast, patch test that homemade lemon toner before you use it.

MYTH 4: Using make-up regularly can damage skin in the long run.

BUSTED: Here is the good news for  “make-up aficionados”. Regular use itself doesn’t damage the skin. It depends on how you use it.

Using old make-up way past its expiry date, or sleeping with make-up on definitely will lead to skin damage. It will become a breeding ground for bacteria, clog your pores with dirt, makeup and grime and eventually result in zits.

MYTH 5: It is important to keep your face product-free for 24 hours after a facial.

BUSTED: You should always – we repeat, always apply moisturizer and sunscreen on your face. Post-facial, especially, when your skin has been cleansed, massaged and washed with water, moisturizers will keep your face hydrated, supple and enhance the results of your facial.

Do you feel ‘skin- empowered’ after the bust ups? Let us know.


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