5 Skincare Tips And Tricks For Halloween

All ready with a ghoulish ‘Jack-O-Lantern’ and waiting with anticipation to paint my ‘Sabrina- the teenage witch’ inspired look this Monday. Isn’t my status very much like yours? – All prepped up with the pumpkins, costumes, makeup and ready to immerse oneself at the late night-dos where sugary candy, drinks n’ puddings are relished with gusto. Beware guys- don’t  let this Halloween magic trick your skin else its gonna  look bumpy, ruddy, dull and lifeless.

Here are 5 skincare tips and tricks to give you a fresh, dewy complexion through the holiday season after the spooky night:

Be Product Wise- You’re going to add mounds of mascara, pigments, color, glue, fixatives, glitter n’  body paint to get your spookiest look. Check the products you buy and be careful to read the fine lines- ingredients, allergic responses and contraindications. Bottom-line, looking great for one night isn’t worth it if you end up damaging your skin for months afterwards.

Hydrate from the ‘inside-out’– Apply a creamier, heavy moisturizer for the impending spooky night and the cool climes. More so, excessive makeup will not parch-out your skin when there’s a richly moisturized face below. Your makeup wouldn’t get flaky too. Take care of your scalp too with an olive or coconut oil head massage. With the meet-ups and parties, we’re loading ourselves with sugary candies, alcohol, excess food and less of ‘sleep’ time.  This dehydrates your skin. When enjoying with your BFFs drink lots of water and stay low on the candies.

Cleanse n’ Moisturize- No matter how exhausted and tired you are after all the Halloween revelry, be sure to wash off your makeup completely. Never fall asleep with all that cosmetic overload on your skin. The key here is to be thorough and gentle with your cleansing. You may need to rinse thoroughly to get rid of all that thick makeup. Use cleansing products that are specific to the kind of makeup to be removed, the facial area from where it’s to be cleansed and your skin chemistry. After you’ve cleansed, use a luxuriant amount of moisturizer to hydrate your skin. Moisturizers work best when you’re sleeping as the skin is at complete rest.

Exfoliate- Scrub away on and after Halloween night. As your makeup could be oily and thick, exfoliation removes the last traces of makeup molecules and removes the dead skin cells too. To find the correct exfoliant check out the mySkin.com site to get personalized skincare recommendations for your skin chemistry.

Simulate the look- It’s a nice idea to try testing a small amount of your makeup on the inside of your elbow a couple of nights before the Spooky night. The last thing you want is a rash or a breakout on Halloween. Keep a soothing cream at hands reach, if you happen to develop skin sensitivity. If the allergic response is severe, do visit the dermatologist in time.

Have a blast this ghoulish night , but take loving care of your skin. What’s your look this Halloween? We’d love to hear from you.

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