5 Skincare Tips At Golf


Who says that if you play golf, you can’t have great skin? Having said this most golfers do tend to have some skincare woe or the other. The hours spent in the sun, walking and sweating for long hours definitely affects the skin. Dark spots, fine lines and early signs of aging along with the dreaded skin melanoma are some of the biggest skin care concerns amongst golfers today. The good part of this game is that it gives you plenty of exercise, keeps you fit and has your metabolism revved up. Here are 5 skincare tips to get skin healthy while playing at your favorite 18 hole golf green.

Get the right sunscreen: You absolutely must stay sun safe when you are an active golfer. In fact, much like your favorite golfing accessory make sure you love your sunscreen as much! You spend almost 4 to 6 hours to complete an average round of golf. That’s quite a many sun hours and that much more sun damage to your skin. Use a high SPF broad spectrum sunscreen that gives you complete protection from the UVA and UVB rays. Even when the skies are cloudy apply your sun protectant.

Don’t forget to reapply: While you might apply your sunscreen at the beginning of the game, how many times do you reapply your sunscreen while you are at it? Since you will be sweating while playing, you absolutely must make it a point to reapply yoursunscreen every two hours. If you don’t want to watch the clock then just reapply your sunscreen after 9 holes!

Get the right gear: No! We are not talking about your golfing instruments but about your clothes. Get sun protective clothing which has a Ultraviolet Protection Factor. There are many fashionable clothing lines available now that manufacture sun protective clothing and allow your skin to be sun safe. Also invest in a wide brimmed hat to keep the sun off your face.

Heard of ‘shade golf’? How many of us actually consider the time that we choose to play golf. Most of us tee off around 10A.M and keep playing through the hottest sun hours. While it is best to choose the early morning slot, the mid morning golf round can be made sun safe by playing shade golf. All you need to do is seek some shade while you wait to take your shot. This will keep you cool and prevent dehydration.

Feed your face: Taking care of your diet is also essential when you are an active golfer. Anti oxidant rich foods such as tomatoes, red bell peppers and foods that are high in Vitamin C content will help your skin stay younger and combat sun damage. Make sure that you drink plenty of water and stay well hydrated during and after your game.

How do you stay sun- safe at play? We are eager to hear!


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