5 Skincare Tips To Win Against Chapped Skin

Sometimes it feels like it would be lovely to stay indoors whenever the temperature outside is below freezing, but for most of us that’s not a possibility. We go out for work, school, kids, food, errands, exercise, and every trip into the frozen tundra seems to do damage to our delicate skin. Chapped, dry skin is the holiday gift we are bestowed with!

Here are 5 Skincare Do’s to keep your skin soft, supple and healthy:

Cover Up: One way to prevent chapping is to cover as many exposed body parts as possible when you go outside; while I won’t go so far as to recommend a ski mask, a pretty scarf to cover the bottom half of your face will help a lot. Be sure to cover your hands with gloves or mittens, as well.

Indoors: The dry, heated air indoors is no picnic either. Moisturizing the atmosphere with a humidifier on high will combat the indoor dryness. A humidifier in your office and another in your bedroom should help a lot. And don’t forget to moisturize from the inside out with lots of water throughout the day.

Bath: Take shorter showers, which dry out your skin by removing natural oils. Many people elect to shower and wash their hair every other day in winter, finding that daily bathing is too drying and not necessary during the months when we sweat little or not at all. Be sure to use very mild soaps and shampoos.

Epilation: Be vigilant about using a super-sharp razor when you shave. A blade that’s even slightly dulled drags on the skin and increases flaking and dryness dramatically.

Moisture Surge: The best body moisturizers contain emollients, of course, but also alpha hydroxy acids that will reduce the flaking and reveal fresh skin better than those without. Apply the moisturizers liberally and often. And don’t forget to use a moisturizer with sunscreen on your face even in winter – the sunlight can make a bad situation worse by drying your skin further. If your lips have it the worst, as they do for almost everyone, be sure to use a lip balm that isn’t waxy. Look for ingredients like menthol, which sloughs of flakes and helps with itching, and alpha hydroxy acids, which also removes scaly bits. Avoid anything scented, because fragrances can make everything so much worse, and can also burn. And give your lips a break from lipstick if you can, and stick to balm as often as possible – you can always use a little more eye makeup and make the bare-looking lips your new winter style.

Happy Skin= Happy You!

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