5 Spa Treatments For Sensitive Skin


For people with sensitive skin, negative reactions to a spa treatment like rashes and hives are common. They can even turn out to be a dear price to pay. Sensitive skin requires extra care and nurturing. From milk baths to mud body masks, here are five spa treatments to nourish and soothe the most sensitive of skins.

Milk Bath: For daily hydration, it will be good for people with sensitive skin to use specialized lotions that will not irritate their skin. They also need to be selective about moisturizing products used. Since unknown oils or lotions can trigger irritation, it is also good if you they can stick to the best natural hydrator: milk. Most spas offer a variety of milk bath treatments. Some other ingredients like oatmeal and honey are also generally added in the milk bath treatments. But, before booking a treatment, it is wise to know the ingredients used and also whether they can be altered to suit sensitive skin.

Mud Bath: People, whose skin is not even suitable for milk bath, can consider a mud bath. A mud bath treatment is detoxifying and can relieve joint and muscle pain. This treatment is good for people with extra sensitive skin as it is very simple. The most commonly used ingredients are just mud, water, and some aromatherapy. Again, remember to check what else is included in the treatment. A mud bath will relax your mind, helps to clear your pores, and nourishes even the most delicate skin.

Mud Body Mask: A Mud body mask is a good alternative to a mud bath. It offers the same benefits of a mud bath without a full body dip. Mud is applied on your body and left on for some time so that the nutrients soak in. This procedure effectively detoxifies and nourishes even the most sensitive skin types.

Chocolate Facial: Simple treatments with very few easily recognizable ingredients are ideal for sensitive skin. A Chocolate facial is one such treatment which provides delicious nourishment to sensitive skin. Chocolate facials generally include ingredients that are commonly found in your cupboard like cocoa powder, oatmeal and honey. This treatment treats your skin with healthy antioxidants and fats to hydrate and soften your skin.

Seaweed Wrap: Seaweed detoxifies sensitive skin and improves its tone and elasticity. In this treatment, the body is first covered with a seaweed mixture. The body is then cocooned in plastic and wrapped with a warm blanket. The heat of the blanket opens your sweat pores so that nutrients are absorbed into your skin. This treatment will leave you fresh and clean and will not irritate your sensitive skin with strong perfumes and chemicals.

Just because you have sensitive skin doesn’t mean that you have to avoid all the spa treatments. You just need to plan well to avoid any irritating mishaps. You can do some research to find out the spa treatments that suit your skin. This way you can enjoy your pampering spa treatments.


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