5 Steps To Summer Ready Legs

Summer style is never complete without wearing out those super sexy legs! With all the hiding that your legs have been going through this winter they will need some extra TLC to get beach ready. Here are 5 great steps to get summer ready in a snap:

Exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate! Yes, we can never overemphasize the need to exfoliate your legs. Exfoliation is the first step towards getting smooth and polished legs. Exfoliation also ensures better moisture absorption making your legs look supple and baby smooth. Make your own scrub with olive oil, sea salt and a big squeeze of lemon juice and scrub away those dead cells. You could also make a yummy brown sugar, honey and lemon scrub to use…good enough to exfoliate and eat 🙂

Moisturize: Your skin will need some extra hydration before they see the summer sun.  Use a super rich moisturizer with SPF 30 or more to give your skin the hydration it needs and also keep it sun safe. Moisturize right after you shower to ensure that your skin drinks up the moisture you offer. Use safflower oil, coconut oil or olive oil for a night time massage. These oils give intensive moisturization to the skin and keep it glowing and soft.

Banish the cellulite: Getting rid of cellulite is one of the hardest things to do. But if you manage to keep your weight under control, stay well hydrated and have a good exercise plan then making your lower body smooth and taut is no big deal. However, if you have been noticing the dimples on your thigh and butt then include regular massages to reduce their appearance. Try dry brushing with a loofah once a week to increase skin circulation and reduce water retention. However, there is no better way to lose cellulite than to exercise and tone up!

Snap back in shape: Snap those leggies back in shape with the right exercise. Keep your legs in shape with squats, lunges and leg lifts. Also include a healthy bit of cardio into your exercise routine. Try power walking to improve your general health and also burn off almost 300 calories an hour. A good hour long brisk walk 5 days a week will tone your bottom and thigh muscles incredibly quickly.

Dress off: Now that you have your legs in shape it is time to do the final dress off! Nothing shows off great legs than a healthy tan. Try a sunless tanner to get that sun kissed look or use a light reflective body lotion to get that shimmery splash. You could even mix a wee bit of bronzer with your moisturizer to get that even bronzed appearance.

Finally it’s time to get that hot mini out of the closet and show off those gorgeous summer legs 🙂

How do you get your legs summer ready? Write in and share your tips with us.

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