5 Stress Not Events! Enjoy Younger Looking Skin


Stress, Worries and Anxiety keep your body tense, make you irritable, you lose your capability to think right and you age faster! When stressed your skin is constantly starved of both blood and oxygen, making it look dull, lifeless, lackluster and tired. Guys n’ Dolls, we need to shun all these negative ‘mind- body’ combinations and move on to being happy, positive and stress- free!

Here are 5 undue stressors you should not worry about:

  1. Entertaining Friends/ Family: Do you lose your sleep stressing and thinking about the big family lunch the next day?  With less of sleep, you girl! are irritated, bloated, have dark circles and stress more! It’s a vicious circle you have to break. It’s not a big deal, if your dessert is runny or the chicken is slightly undone. Your family and friends understand. How about taking their help while cooking that sumptuous spread, setting the table or getting that red wine chilled?  Make it a fun activity with laughter and giggles.
  2. Office Attire: Come-on, there is a lot to think about before we head for work! Clothes and what we wear should not ‘wear us’ out! Best is to take some time out the earlier night and hang all your stuff on a hanger in the closet. It works wonders when everything is kept together- your underwear, your office shirt and pants, the accessories and your shoes nearby too. Guess what! You’ll sleep better when you know that all’s ready for manic Monday.
  3. Biological Age:  It’s the circle of life, Simba! Aging is natural. Laugh in the face of your age by enjoying a  healthy lifestyle, having good eating habits, exercising regularly, catching up on your Zz’s, having a real social network with family and friends and dabbling in a hobby activity. You are beautiful.
  4. Diet and Exercise: It’s true that we need to be diligent with our ‘good food diet’ and our daily dose of exercise. But, let’s not get stressed!  It’s OK guys, if we enjoy greasy potato fries once in awhile, not go for our regular 30 min jog and enjoy being lazy and sleep in. A break from your sincere routine will rejuvenate you :) Just keep this break short and sweet.
  5. The ticking Clock: The changing time is the new constant! The clock tick-tocks no matter what. Take charge of time; enjoy its existence by making use of it and not procrastinating. By doing things on time, the ticking needles do not stress you out and you’ll find that the 24 hour clock is more than enough to complete all your tasks. It’s worthless to lose time and sleep by thinking of issues, things and  moments that are beyond your control. Live your present to the fullest, enjoy the time you have now!

Happy Skin= Happy You :)

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