5 Tips To Looking Healthy In Winters

With lovely rosy cheeks in the winter months, your skin encounters dryness, cracking, flaking and itching too.

Here are 5 Tips to looking healthy in the winter months:

Skin: During winters, you encounter harsh winds that dry up your skin. The best solution for you is to drink as much water as you can along with applying an effective oil free and light body lotion over your skin paying more attention to your face, feet and hands. Don’t forget your SPF lotion!

Hair: Wash your hair twice/ thrice a week. This helps in spreading the natural oil coming out from your scalp within your hair not making it dry and coarse. Use a moisturizing conditioner while washing your hair and enjoy a hair mask treatment once during the week. This helps to keep your hair soft. Guess what! Simply running your brush 50-60 times through your hair from scalp to tips will help spread the natural oils, making your hair strong and silky.

Eyes: Eyes contribute a lot to your beauty; hence they deserve attention. Make sure you go bare once in a while over your eyes. Just use layers of charcoal mascara over your  upper side lashes- no liners and no shadows. For winters, the cream eye shadows are the best option to rely on. Colors like white, pale blue and grayish blue work the best in Fall/ Winters.

Lips: In winters, your lips get cracked and dull. Now is the time to rely on lip balms . Apply them every 60 minutes or as and when you need it. While choosing a lip balm, make sure you check whether SPF is included in the formula or not. Such types are often light in nature and keep your lips soft and protected.

Lifestyle: Enjoying a healthy food plan makes you skin healthy. Include green vegetables, fresh fruit, nuts, fish in your diet. A homemade soup is a good option to keep you healthy from the inside. Lastly don’t forget to follow a diligent exercise routine to stay in shape.

Happy Skin= Happy You!


Note:  mySkin has edited this story to suit their style and tone. Views expressed in this blog are of the guest blogger herself. mySkin doesn’t favor any particular skincare brand or take advertising from any of them. Our scientific algorithm is entirely unbiased based on your skin profile.


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