5 Tips To Sensuous Eyelashes

Eyes are the windows to your soul, and your eyelashes the perfect window dressing! Wouldn’t you feel blessed if you were gifted with naturally long, dark, well defined and beautiful lashes? With the varied cosmetic enhancements we use to keep our lashes beautiful, we need to take care of their health too.

Here are 5 quick tips to having long, sensuous and healthy eyelashes:

MascarahhhhMake up is never complete without the sweep of the mascara wand. But, do we take care while applying and removing this product? Try not applying your mascara again n’ again throughout the day. Instead invest in a good quality mascara that will last longer and will give you the desired effect in one application. Also, never pump your mascara bottle with the wand as this gets all the air in which makes the pigment gloppy and hard to apply.

Next on the agenda is removing your mascara. Leftover mascara can cause your lashes to fall and also lead to flaking around your eye lids! Use an alcohol free eye makeup remover and gently wipe away all traces of mascara in a gentle downward motion till all of it has been removed. Don’t have eye makeup remover? Try olive oil or coconut oil. Ditch your mascara once it has been on your shelf for over three months. Mark a ‘throw out by’ date on your mascara bottle so that you never forget to replace your mascara.  Also replace your mascara when it becomes too clumpy, it seems flaky and dry, it comes in contact with water (since water contains bacteria), it gives off a funny rancid smell and you’ve used the mascara when you had the last eye infection.

Use an eyelash brush- Pamper your eyelashes with special eyelash brushes easily available in beauty stores. If you don’t find an eyelash brush, use a clean mascara brush instead. Dip your eyelash brush in warm olive or coconut oil and gently comb over as a part of your nightly routine. Have you tried using castor oil on your lashes? This oil, though a little thick and goopy works stupendously when you want thick and dark lashes.

Never stinge when buying make up- When purchasing make up for your eyes don’t be a penny pincher. Make sure that you always use eye makeup products such as mascaras, eye pencils and liners from reputed companies. Also use products that are hypoallergenic and have not been tested on animals.

Use a strengthening serum- If heavy eye makeup is part of your daily routine then invest in a lash strengthening serum. A lash strengthening serum acts as a ‘base coat’ giving them a plumping effect over which you can apply all the coats of mascara you want.

Skip using fake eyelashes –Unless heading for a ‘really special’ occasion, avoid using fake eyelashes. It’s a temptation hard to resist but lovely looking eyes with fake eyelashes come at a price. You fix fake eyelashes over your real ones using glue. But while taking the fakes off, few of our real eyelashes come off too! Try to get a professional to fix and remove your fake lashes if you really must apply them!

Are there any more tips you’d like to share? Write in and let us know.


5 Tips To Sensuous Eyelashes

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