6 Back To School Skincare Tips


It’s the time – bags get packed and you gear up for a new school session. There are numerous things on your ‘to do’ list… shopping for the right school clothes, getting your dorm room essentials, organizing books, all to be done in time. But are you skin ready to hit school ?

Here are 6 useful skin care tips that will get your skin glowing :

    1.  Clear the tan : A lot of time outdoors, on the beach or just hanging out soaking in the summer sun with pals can be a lot of fun. But when the bronzy tan wears off all you are left with is dull uneven textured skin. Step one of getting skin ready for school is by clearing the tan and getting the glow back. Get rid of all built up dead skin cells by following an exfoliating routine. Be gentle on your skin while exfoliating, oatmeal and milk together work as a beautiful gentle exfoliator. Use natural bleaching agents such as pulp of a ripe papaya, potato juice, tomato juice to fade the tan and get the glow back.
    2. Zap the zits: Get to school with a clear and fresh face. Banish zits and pimples by keeping your skin squeaky clean. Treat your break outs gently by washing your face twice a day with a gentle cleanser. Skip scrubbing your skin with harsh products, they will irritate your skin more and make the bumps look worse. Use non comedogenic skin care products to keep your skin clean. Try a preparation made with salicylic acid to clear your skin. If your break outs are bad then take the help of a dermatologist. Make some lifestyle changes such as drinking a lot of water, eating right, including a lot of greens in your diet and incorporating some form of exercise to alleviate your acne or pimple problem.
    3. Check the black heads and white heads : Black heads and white heads can be very annoying. Your clear skin does get marred when it is speckled by black and white heads. Stick to a basic skin care routine at all times and make sure that your face is clean before you go to sleep. Hormonal secretions, especially in teenage years, send the oil glands on an overdrive leading to the formation of these black heads and white heads. If ignored these black heads can trap more dirt and give way to pimples. Use a gentle exfoliator along with non comedogenic cleansing products. Use a light moisturizer meant for your skin type to keep the oil balance of your skin.
    4. Change the diet plan : All through the holidays you’ve been loading up on the junk. Before you head back to school change your diet plan. This will make sure that your skin is healthy inside out. Load up on fruits, vegetables, leafy greens and lean proteins. Go easy on the oil and fries, sugars, saturated fats and refined carbs. (such as white breads, cookies, cakes) as these wreck havoc on your skin.
    5. Check for skin infections : Make sure that you are free from skin infections such as warts, ringworm etc. If you suspect any form of skin infection head to your dermatologist for an analysis and take the right treatment for your skin condition. You should not leave these untreated as not only do these look unsightly but can be highly contagious.
    6. Get that mani + pedi : Finish off getting ready for school by pampering the skin on your hands and feet. They do a lot of hard work for you and can look unsightly if left unattended for long.

What does your back to school routine look like? Leave your comments in the box below.

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