6 Skincare Do’s To Youthful Post Menopausal Skin


Once you have battled out the raging hormones of menopause its time to take a breather. Here are a 6 ways to take care of your post menopausal skin.

Combat sagging skin – aim to build collagen You should now start using creams that build collagen to maintain the skins suppleness and elasticity. Creams containing collagen will reduce the formation of fine lines and wrinkles and give your skin the glow and reflectivity you so desire. Speak to your dermatologist for a prescription Vitamin A cream (retinoid). Invest in some good quality Vitamin C serums to build collagen.

Dry skin woes – get oily : Post menopause skin tends to get very dry owing to the drop in estrogen. While you will need to make a switch to a higher emollient moisturizer and skin cream, you need to make sure that your skin is able to ‘retain’ the moisture too. A higher intake of oily fish such as salmon and tuna, including foods such as fortified eggs, flaxseed, and increasing your Vitamin B intake will help you retain skin moisture. Also increase your water intake to keep your skin feeling supple and fresh. Use gentle non irritating soaps, stay away from scalding hot long showers, and skip smoking. Also make sure that you are stress free and catch enough Z’s for your skin looking good.

Unwanted facial hair – zap it off : Loss of estrogen after menopause can lead to increased facial hair growth since estrogen receptors are maximum around the facial area, lower limbs and genitals. Known as histruism, this unwanted hair growth can be tackled by bleaching, using depilatory creams, waxing or epilators. However, these are not permanent hair removal sessions. Electrolysis and laser treatments are popular methods of permanent hair removal. Surprisingly, research shows that regular work outs decrease testosterone levels in post menopausal women thus slowing unwanted hair.

Get the glow – scrub off : Retain that youthful glow with regular exfoliation. Creams and cleansers that shed the outer skin layer also send a signal to stimulate collagen production. However, don’t go overboard with these since post menopausal skin is sensitive; twice a week should be good enough. Again take your dermatologist’s opinion before you start this routine. You can also take a look at advanced skin resurfacing treatments such as light resurfacing laser treatments, microdermabrasions and gentle peels. These treatments stimulate collagen production, exfoliate the dead epidermal skin layer and gently erase fine lines and wrinkles.

Make up moves – Think hypoallergenic and mineral : Shift to hypoallergenic mineral makeup post menopause. These contain fewer chemical ingredients and are made with high quality natural ingredients. Mineral make up glides over the skin easily and is best for sensitive post menopausal skin. Also less is more when it comes to make up post menopause. Too much make up can actually accentuate wrinkles and sagging skin.

Who’s your BFF – Sunscreen! : Sunscreen is your skins best friend irrespective of age. It will not only protect your skin from further sun damage but will prevent age spots from occurring. It is also a significant safeguard against skin cancer.

How do you take care of your skin post menopause? Write in and share with us.