6 Tips To Great Skin From Greece

When I say ‘Greek’ you say ‘Grecian Goddess’. It’s known that Greek women bathed in ‘attar’ that was imported from Egypt. They used to cover their lissome bodies in olive oil and then work out-this was to sweat under the oil. The soil which when got stuck on their skin during the work outs was then removed with a ‘stleggida’, a tool which resembles a sickle. Talk of an ‘all- in-one’- work out, moisturizing and exfoliation routine!

Since we do not have the benefit of this indulgence,  here are 6 skincare ingredients you can work with in your beauty routine which  are  packed with the goodness of Nature from Greece:

Oregano miracle: Greeks are known to use herbs in their beauty routines.  Oregano oil or Origanum vulgare, is well known in the Greek world. Oregano is known to stimulate anti oxidant activity along with having anti allergic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. The oil of oregano works beautifully as a shield against toxins and helps in preventing tissue damage. The Greeks were amongst the first to take advantage of this herb and called it “the delight of the mountains”. Use this miracle oil topically or add a bit to your favorite face mask to reap the benefits of glowing skin.

Yogurt power: Yogurt is not just a healthy snack for the Greeks. They consider yogurt as a natural skin care product. Almost all Greek skin care products contain yogurt since yogurt sloughs off dead skin cells and also treats sun burns effectively. Make a quintessential Greek face mask using yogurt, green tea and honey to work your way to beautiful, glowing skin.

Olive it up: Olive oil and Greeks go hand in hand; be it their food or their skin. Olive oil in everything for them, from their diet to their skin care products. Olive Oil is a very intrinsic part of the Greek culture.  This oil provides deep moisturization to the skin and prevents chapping and relieves sun burns. The high amount of anti oxidants present in olive oil makes it great in anti-aging skincare products. Olive oil in its purest form is richest in nutrients and protects against physical signs of aging. If you thought it was just olive oil that the Greeks use to get body beautiful then think again. Ground olives and olive stones are used by the Greeks as a body scrub to cleanse the skin thoroughly and leave behind fresh, rejuvenated and glowing skin.

Wheat germ eraser: Want to get rid of unwanted marks and blemishes the Greek way? Try some wheat germ oil. Massage warm wheat germ oil to affected areas to get rid of marks and blemishes; say hello to even toned and clear skin.

Honey Honey: You will find a lot of honey being used in Greek skin care routines. It was used in the ancient times to treat wounds since it was considered a natural infection fighter. It is used as a natural moisturizer and exfoliant giving the skin that healthy glow which we so desire.

Be A  Grecian Goddess- Yia Sou:)

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