7 Minute Workout To Look Younger


Today we know that beauty and youthful looks are not just cosmetic but are a result of a healthy diet, a good skincare routine and EXERCISE! But most of us also are very hard pressed for time. So mySkin decided to design a 7 minute workout for you that revs up your metabolism, banishes your stress hormones,  gets your  blood flowing and keeps your skin younger and glowing!

30 seconds of face and neck exercise – Start with your face and neck. Tilt your neck back and do 5 slow head rolls. Open your mouth wide, drop your jaw and then open and close your mouth 5 times.  Give a wide mouth smile like you were grinning from ear to ear. These exercises will keep your face in shape and improve the blood circulation to your face.

30 seconds core charging – Stand with your feet at hip width. Bend your arms holding them out, palms facing forward at right angles. Tighten your abs and pull your right knee to your left arm and vice versa. Repeat these crunches for 30 seconds.

30 second Squats– Most people I know don’t love this exercise but it gives you an amazing lower body workout.  Squats work the gluteus, strengthen your calves, hamstrings, spine and outer thigh and also work on your abs. Do as many squats as you can in 30 seconds. Do not extend your knee beyond your toes and refute the temptation of looking down to check on your posture. Once you get comfortable with the squat you can add dumbbells to your routine as well.

30 seconds of the ball roll – After your squats sit on the floor, hug your knees to the chest and drop your chin in keeping yourself balanced on your tailbone. Pull your abs in and roll back into your upper back and then roll back to the start position.

30 seconds chair dip curl – A great upper body work out, this exercise strengthens your arms, chest, shoulders, back and abs giving you that lithe and toned look. Sit on the edge of a steady chair and keep your feel flat on the floor. Hold the sides of the chair and walk your feet out slowly taking your butt off the chair. Dip your butt to the floor slowly pulling your right knee to your chest bending your elbows back. Lower the leg and raise your body. Switch legs and repeat this move as many times in 30 seconds.  Reminder – You might be able to do only one set in the beginning. But give yourself some time!

30 seconds wall pushups– Stand at an arm’s length from a wall with just your finger tips touching and your feet close together. Lean forward towards the wall and place your hands flat on making sure they are directly in line with your shoulders. Do as many repetitions in 30 seconds.

Do this complete routine of 3 minutes and repeat the entire workout again making sure that you try to perform at least 10 repetitions of all the exercises.

60 seconds of relaxation – Once you have completed your work out lie on your mat with your arms on the side, palms open. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Take long, deep breaths and feel your body relax, energize and heal itself from within.

Who says you need more than 7 minutes to have a great body and younger looks?