7 Tips To A Great Décolletage


For my big reunion this year I promised myself that I would get into that attention grabbing outfit lying in the dark recess of my wardrobe. On trying it on I realized that while the outfit looked great it was not creating the impact that I was looking for because of my décolletage! Also, adding a fancy neck piece wasn’t solving the problem at hand. A lot of women like me have their curves melting down…age, excessive sun exposure and multiple pregnancies all contribute to the downfall of our assets.

Here are 7 effective ways to get a great décolletage:

Start early – Prevention is always better than cure. Most of us do not give much importance to this sensitive area when heading out in the sun or while getting a facial. Lack of TLC and irregular use of sunscreen makes your décolletage prone to age spots, wrinkles and sagging. Couple that with lack of exercise and you have a recipe for disaster. Start taking care of your décolletage well into your 20’s for you to enjoy wearing low necklines in the 40’s!

Quit smoking– For an envious décolletage, you have to quit smoking. As we grow older the collagen responsible to keep our breasts firm gradually slows down its production making the breasts seem limp. But if you are a smoker collagen production reduces significantly. The free radicals present in cigarettes accelerate premature aging and breast sagging.

Exercise – Yes, there is no escape from exercise even when all you want is a sexy décolletage! Lack of exercise is a big cause of sagging breasts and skin looking old. Exercising your pectoral muscles will keep your breasts firm giving you a healthy, sexy bust. Incline pushups, bench press, chest flies are pectoral exercises that keep you firm.

Do not skip that sunscreen– So you applied sunscreen on your face, neck and hands. But aren’t you forgetting your décolletage? Over exposure to the sun can cause age spots and lack of sun screen can give you an unsightly tan. When you apply sunscreen to your face do not forget your cleavage area.

Pack in the facial punch – Don’t ignore the neckline area when you are getting your monthly facial done. Cleanse, exfoliate, massage and moisturize your décolletage when getting a facial. And yes, do ask your beauty therapist to apply your face pack to your décolleté’ as well. Allow yourself some careful indulgence by opting for a full body spa treatment where your décolletage will be pampered.  You could also opt for fruit acid peels if you have severe dark spots and deep wrinkles in and around your cleavage zone.

Cream up – Make sure that you apply a special cream meant specifically for your décolletage to repair and rejuvenate your skin. Creams containing carrots or strawberry are great for this spot. You can make your own carrot or strawberry cream at home by blending the veggie or fruit with egg whites. Apply the pack on for 20 minutes and then wash off with warm water. You can also mix strawberries with albumen cream, apply and wash off for smoother, firmer and smooth looking décolletage.

The right fitting bra– This piece of lingerie needs your attention!  If the cup size and fit you wear is incorrect, with time your breasts sag and your cleavage area gets a droopy look. The correct fitting bra accentuates your curves making your neckline look ravishing and sexy.

What are your ways of getting a great décolletage? Write in and let us know.


  • http://twitter.com/SexySaydie Saydie

    Good Read…Women tend to forget that their décolletage when it comes to skin care.  They believe if they go as far as their neck they are doing a great job…think about those beautiful v neck tops with a pronounced décolletage, or one with a wrinkles,  & leathered (too much sun).  Right away it gives away your age, and takes away everything else that you have put into your skin care from your neck up.  Never too late to start!!