8 Common Skincare Mistakes We Make

We wish to have perfect skin always. Despite all good efforts we all make some basic mistakes which keep us away from having healthy, glowing skin. These common mistakes may be in your daily skincare routine, skincare products you are using or using products not correct for that season.

Here are 8 common skincare mistakes we make without being aware of the harm they do:

Choosing a wrong cleanser for your skin- If you have opted for a cleanser which has not been formulated for  your skin type, it does bad than good! It might result in your skin getting extra dry and tight or too oily giving you breakouts. An incorrect cleanser could strip your skin off its natural balance giving you more problems.

Not eating the correct foods- Dermatologists recommend a vitamin A, E and C efficient diet to look younger. Sometimes fish oil and other anti- oxidants are a good source of these vitamins. What you eat keeps you healthy from the inside-out which is mirrored on your skin. Its a good idea to eat foods as your skin demands for a particular season.

Using long and hot showers- These long and very hot showers might relax your soul but they don’t do the same to your skin. Long time spent in hot showers leads to skin dehydration, dry skin issues, dry hair and and brittle nails. In winters its recommended you bathe using tepid water keeping your shower short!

Excessive usage of toner – If your skin doesn’t demand a toner during a particular season, skip it. Listen to your skin!Many a times a toner could leave your skin feeling oily and dull. Some toners that have added hydrating properties may work against your skin and clog your pores giving you zits. Avoid alcohol based toners.

Skipping sun protection- The UVA( A= aging) and UVB( B=burning) rays from the sun are very harmful. They are the primary cause of wrinkles, age spots, sunburns and premature aging. Hence it is important to apply a broad spectrum sunscreen cream or sun block all through out the year.

Over exfoliating- Exfoliation is good but don’t go overboard with it! Over exfoliation leads to getting large pores, whiteheads, pimples and skin dryness. For some of us, AHA based exfoliants are harsh causing harm to our skin. Go for a milder BHA product. It’s better to use natural, home made exfoliators, which are safe and have no side effects.

Lack of Sleep- It’s been rightly said that the skin repairs itself at night. If deprived of proper sleep your complexion tells! If don’t sleep enough you feel restless in the morning, are irritated and feel low.

Not drinking enough water- When your skin is hydrated, moisturized and supple your fine lines, wrinkles and crows feet stay away. To keep your skin hydrated from the inside-out, drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily. Water intake also rids your body off toxins giving you a clear complexion.

If you overcome these common skincare mistakes, you will be blessed with healthy and beautiful skin.


Today’s guest blogger, Aydan Stacey is a very passionate individual writingabout health, skincare and academics. She has a deep and down to earth knowledge of these fields and is aware of the changing and emerging trends in fashion and beauty. She always starves to search for new knowledge resources and shares her knowledge through writings. She likes traveling and is a big fan of Roger Federer .


Note:  All views expressed in this blog post are the personal opinions of the guest blogger. mySkin.com doesn’t favor any particular skincare brand or take advertising from any of them. Our scientific algorithm is entirely unbiased based on your skin profile.


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