8 Style Tips For New York Fashion Week


New York Fashion Week is back…and how! In arguably one of the most covered and sought after fashion events in New York, this fashion week is every fashion-istas dream. To be prepped up for this mega event here are  8 Style Tips for that perfectly poised look!

Creativity is the key: Your wardrobe will only be a part, (a very important part though) of your look at the NYFW. Once you have your wardrobe in place you will need to put your entire look together. Shoes, hats, bags, belts and other accessories is what will set you apart from the crowd. Get your thinking cap on and get creative with your look. Mix n’ match, add color to your outfit, iron out your clothes well and carry your creations with aplomb and confidence:)

Your facial canvas: Your face is your canvas so make sure that it is smooth and clear. Hop over to your dermatologist for a quick solution for any untimely spots on the face. Get some airbrushing done to look flawless. A tinted moisturizer, pressed powder, some cleansing wipes, blush and mascara are the beauty must haves in your bag to look fresh faced always. Less is more when it comes to make up. Highlight your best feature. If you are going in for smoky eyes then opt for neutral lips and vice versa.

Mane wise: Pay attention to your mane. Get a hair style that is easy to manage and can be fixed fast during the day. Always carry some hair serum to tame frizzy hair.

Hydrate: Stay well hydrated to ensure that your skin doesn’t look dry and patchy. Drink at least 8 glasses of water, munch on some veggies or granola bars to look and feel healthy during the hectic fashion week.

Pucker wise: A pit stop at the dentist is a must to get the perlies cleaned and gleaming. How else will you be able to carry off that fabulous red lipstick with yellow teeth!  Make sure that your lips are smooth. Apply a thick coat of olive oil on your lips at night after your cleansing routine. In the morning take a baby tooth brush and gently exfoliate. Voila! Your chapped lips are transformed to that perfect pout!

Posture wise: Your gait and posture are of crucial importance at NYFW. I know, wearing vertiginous heels are the order of the day, the toe crushing heels are definitely not meant for us if on the go at all times. While wearing heels make sure that your posture is straight and that you distribute your weight evenly. Tuck your stomach in, keep your chin up and your head straight – you will have the perfect posture. It also helps to carry a spare pair of flats in that big tote of yours for the behind the scene running around.

Social wise: Social etiquette is another thing that you must pay great attention to at your stint. Getting a pass is one of the things where most people blunder. Register and see if you get your deal, look for the right contacts to get an invite and don’t name drop or request for a +1 pass. Also never ‘ask’ for the front row seats. Asking means that you do not deserve one. For fashion after parties keep cool and be dignified. Limit alcohol consumption. This is no college party with free booze flowing with ‘let’s see who gets drunk first contests’. You don’t want to show up all embarrassed, tired and baggy eyed the next day!

Cleanse your day away: Never, never sleep with your make up on. Feel too tired? Just massage some olive oil on your face and eyes to loosen up the grime and make up. Wipe off with a damp piece of cotton and then simply wash off with your favorite face wash, spritz on some rose water. Your face is ready for the night and the day after.

Remember gals, Wear the look that you like and don’t let the look wear you! Have fun:)