9 Beauty And Health Benefits Of Adding Beet Juice In Your Routine


If you want to stay healthy and beautiful, you need to play your part in keeping your body and skin in its best form. There are certain super foods that have astounding effect on your health and may help in increasing your heath naturally. One such food is beetroot.  With an earthy sweet taste, it not only tickles your taste buds but brings in a plethora of beauty and health benefits.

Here are 9 reasons to add it in your daily diet

#1 Reduces skin inflammation- Beet juice is an excellent way to keep skin inflammation at bay. It helps in reducing swelling and redness caused due to acne and pimples. Consuming the juice on a regular basis keeps skin healthy and free from inflammations. It is useful in curing acne to some extent due to its high anti-inflammatory properties.

#2 Improves Complexion- Beet juice helps in improving your complexion because of its detoxifying effect. It helps the body to eliminate harmful toxins and impurities in a natural way and thus purifies the blood. Consume raw beet juice to get a naturally glowing skin. Beet juice can also be applied on the skin. It imparts a pinkish hue to the skin and makes it soft and supple. It also helps in gently exfoliating dead skin cells to give you clean and radiant skin.

#3 Delays aging- Crammed with antioxidants, beetroots are an amazing way to keep wrinkles at a bay. It works well in fighting free radicals and keeps the skin free from damage. It also helps in minimizing fine lines from the skin thereby providing a flawless look. It contains a compound called lycopene which is known to maintain elasticity of the skin. The juice can be applied directly on the skin. You may mix equal amounts of carrot juice with beet juice for enhanced results.

#4 Beneficial for healthy hair- Beetroots are packed with carotenoids, which are highly beneficial for the hair. It helps in preventing baldness and maintains the natural thickness of the hair. It increases blood circulation of the scalp, which aids in healthy hair growth. Massaging the scalp with beet juice may help in better absorption of the nutrients present in it to the hair. Beet juice can also be used as a natural dye for a reddish tint. This can be done by rinsing your hair with diluted beet juice.

#5 Prevents scalp problems- The antipruritic nature of beetroots helps in combating itchy scalp in an effective way. The beneficial enzymes fight dryness and itching. It removes excessive oil and dead skin cells from the scalp and therefore helps in fighting dandruff while adding a shine to the hair. To get rid of dandruff, boil beetroot in enough water. Cool the water and massage gently in the scalp every night.

#6 Regulates blood pressure- Beet juice can act in surprising ways to reduce high blood pressure. The high nitrate content is converted into nitric oxide gas by the body. Nitric oxide is known to dilate the blood vessels thereby improving blood flow and lowering blood pressure. Beet juice also promotes cardiovascular health by reducing the bad cholesterol and increasing the levels of good cholesterol in the body.

#7 Cures anemia and prevents dementia- Beetroot has sufficient amounts of iron present in it. When the juice is consumed regularly, it helps in maintaining haemoglobin in the blood and thus cures anemia. It also promotes blood circulation in the body, which helps in better movement of oxygen. The nitrates found in beets further help in improving blood flow. This is particularly beneficial for brain and heart. Better flow of blood to the brain prevents ailments like dementia to a greater extent.

#8 Improves vision- Since beets are full of carotenoids, they help in improving vision and eye health. Two main carotenoids- lutein and zeaxanthin are useful in maintaining the retina of the eyes. When consumed raw, these compounds easily gets absorbed by the body to improve eye health. Therefore, avoid eating cooked beetroot, if you are aiming for better eyesight because the carotenoids tend to lose their effect during the process of cooking.

#9 Prevents Cancer- Beetroot has been known to be an effective alternative medicine for preventing as well as curing some types of cancer in the body. The anti-cancerous property of the vegetable comes from the compound betanin, which is found in adequate quantities in it. Besides eliminating cancer-causing toxins from the body, it also averts the formation of cancer cells in the body.

Make Beetroot an integral part of your diet–> Enjoy good health!


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