A Spring Beauty Cabinet Cleanup Is Better Than A Painful Sty On The Eye

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You missed an important New Year’s Resolution to discard old stuff. Never fear, Spring cleaning is here. Time to clean up that beauty cabinet a.k.a. powdery bag / overfilled pouch / messy drawer / forgotten basket of beauty stashed below your bed! Well, before you sigh at our suggestion or roll your eyes at the word “cleaning” or exclaim, “Throw away my Dior and my MAC! No way!” you’d rather be excited about replenishing that (almost empty) makeup bag. A clean-up is better than fighting off a painful sty-on-the-eye 😉

Everything comes with an expiry date, ladies! Even makeup and skincare products, and even if there is no expiry date on the product. Here is your guide to figure out what should go in the bin.

Telltale Sign #1 – The smell of your product has changed.

You know what your lipstick smells like. When that fresh fruity smell suddenly acquires a stale oil-like taste, it should go in the bin. The same goes for other makeup.

Telltale Sign #2 – The color of your product has changed.

Does your pink blush have a greenish tinge to it or your foundation is off color? Discard it. Color inconsistency signifies an expired product. Moreover, that greenish tinge is surely fungus, mold, or yeast!

Telltale Sign #3 – Change in texture.

Clumpy nail polish? A change in the texture of your product is a sure sign to toss it away. Clumpy lip-gloss, separated foundations, eyeliner, or mascara needs to go!

Telltale Sign #4 – The product feels different to touch than when you bought it.

Has your crème blush lost its whipped mousse feel? Get a new one pronto! Any product that feels curdled or even on its way to being curdled needs to go!

Telltale Sign #5 – You got that sty again, now that’s thrice in a row!

Using makeup while you have an infection or when you are sick can become a breeding ground for bacteria, virus, and other germs. Eye makeup, especially, is the most sensitive, as is multi-use makeup like your 3-in-1 Wonder Stick.

Have you noticed you keep getting that sneezing allergy? It could just be your old compact sponge that’s keeping the bugs alive! Dump any makeup that is used after any sickness or infection.

Here is mySkin’s  “keep your makeup clean” guide:

  • Mascara, liquid, or gel eyeliners should be kept on your cabinet only for 3 months.
  • Powder and cream eye-shadow need to be in the bin after 6 months.
  • Facial serums, face creams, cream blush and liquid foundations expire in about 12 months.
  • Lipsticks, lip-gloss, nail polish, powder foundations, and blushes are the last to go at 2 years.
  • Brushes, applicators, and sponges should be regularly washed and cleaned. They can result in recurring acne and breakouts.
  • Empty out and wash your makeup bag with a disinfectant. That loose powder and eye-pencil shaving at the bottom are so not healthy!
  • Never throw your makeup in your handbag with all the other stuff. There’s going to be contamination for sure!

Your makeup makes you look good. However, it’s not worth the price of your skin health. Have you marked your spring-cleaning date already? Go girl, go!


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