Absolute Must Haves Of A Beauty Device

shutterstock_98848475Beauty is now tech savvy! The leap that advanced skin care has taken has made it possible to plug and play your own anti aging or blemish removal instrument into your home outlet. Beauty technology brings devices such as derma brushes, epilators, light based LED systems and other such skin care systems right into your own hands delivering almost immediate results for your skin problems such as sagging skin, blemishes and fine lines. But what is it that you need to look for while opting for a beauty device?

Here is mySkin’s list of absolute must haves for your beauty device.

Is Your Beauty Device Safe? Safety ranks highest when you want to use a beauty device. Make sure that your research is complete before you make such a purchase to ensure that immediate beauty results don’t lead to complication and skin problems in the long run. For example, if you are buying a light therapy instrument or getting such a treatment at a spa, ensure that you are sticking to Low Colored Light Therapy (Blue and Red Light or light boxes). Also White light is the safest of lights to use in your beauty device. Some light therapies employ the use of UV rays since these are considered more effective. But long term exposure to UV light can actually cause more damage and lead to skin related problems and even cancer.

Is Your Beauty Device User Friendly? Your beauty device will become your skin’s best friend only if it is user friendly. Take a device that has too many instructions (apply cream, wait for cream to dry, use device, apply another cream WHEW!!) and you will find that device lying in your beauty cabinet gathering dust. It should also be portable for easy plug and play. You also want your device to be small enough to travel with you!

Does Your Beauty Device Take Long To Give Results? Some beauty devices such as microdermabrasion treatments, light therapies have a little downtime when done at a dermatologists office obviously so, because the treatments in your dermatologists office are more intense. Home devices on the other hand have a significantly lower downtime and hence take a little longer to work. Your beauty device should be advanced enough to give you the beauty benefit but if there is a long downtime associated with it, it means that that device is for trained hands only.

What Is Your Experience With The Device? The experience of using a beauty device should be pleasant. It should give you a WOW feeling! A pleasing, easy to use, beautiful device will beckon you to use it again and again.  At home laser hair removal kits can be quite painful and hence less effective (you will definitely lower the intensity of the laser if it hurts). Certain face toning systems, cleansing brushes, cellulite removers can actually be quite relaxing to use.

Is Your Beauty Device Reliable With Results? The result of your beauty device will depend on the quality of the device that you purchase and how you use it. Non electronic products are definitely cheaper but are not as technologically advanced as electronic ones. Many a times, the results from a home beauty device will be more gradual as compared to a skin clinic. Also the device you use should be reliable. You can’t have a device that tells you Else, you are not going to have beauty faith in it!

Is Your Device Worth Its Cost? Its a myth that beauty devices always burn a hole in your pocket. If you compare numbers, you will be saving significantly purchasing a good quality beauty device than repeated trips to the salon, spa or your dermatologist. Technological advancements do have a certain price tag to them. But this cost is less vis-a-vis your beauty and skin health. Cutting corners here would mean compromising on the quality.

What would YOU look for while purchasing a beauty device? Share with us.


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