Acne Is A Curse- mySkin Disagrees!

acne curse

We understand the pain. The trauma. The feeling of, “Why me?”

The feeling that makes you relentlessly and fervently scavenge the internet for information, tips, tricks and “how-to’s”, to look up every remedy book for help and even try every second “ this-will-definitely-work” advice from friends and family. Especially when looking good and having a clear face is the in thing! You feel you are cursed with acne!

You have tried every other mild face wash, strong face wash, acne face wash, bought every other cream with AHA, BHA, and retinol, gone the natural-organic way and rubbed garlic all over your face, and even caked your cheeks with turmeric. You have even opted for expensive chemical peels and dermatological treatments to get rid of your “wonder years” curse! But you still feel you are cursed with acne! Well let’s get one thing straight!


Your acne could actually be good for you. You simply need to keep those strong negative feelings aside and think straight.

  • We all have that urge to pop the pit off that zit, but when you have a recurring acne issue, you do tend to exercise control over strong urges. Acne teaches you this (Y)
  • When you have acne, you tend to be less judgmental. You stop judging a book by its cover and learn to see past facades.
  • Acne makes you physically and mentally stronger. You learn to accept your own pluses and minuses!
  • When you have acne, you are determined to get rid of it. You work hard towards your goal and strengthen your determination.
  • Last but not the least, science and research has proved that people who are affected with acne have better complexions and skin  as they age.

Yes, you have acne. Yes, you feel insecure and low and frustrated. Yes, you don’t look as flawless as the “Prom Queen” and yes, you do have to struggle to go that extra mile to ensure that you are careful with your skin care decisions.  However, you don’t need to stress yourself out, pick at your zits, dump your chocolate affair, hide at the slightest sign of a pimple, or empty your wallet for your breakouts. Take things in your stride, give it time and don’t fret over it! You’ll only work yourself up more!

Enjoy you days at school with friends and laughter (Y)


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