Acne Skincare Tips For The Winter Season


Winter brings unique challenges to the health of your skin, particularly if you are prone to acne breakouts. Part of the problem is that the cold weather can dry out your skin and further clog your pores. In most cases, people tend to use more moisturizer on their dry skin, leading to occasional breakouts. Also, let’s not forget the stresses that are unique to the start of winter season, with children having time off from school during the holidays and Christmas to think about.

Here are  five skincare tips to keep your acne to the minimum this winter:

A ‘healthy’ winter season

Summer and autumn are over, finally you can forget about getting your body in shape and let the layers build up for, you know, protection against the cold weather. No, this is wrong! You should continue to exercise as this will help to lessen levels of stress and anxiety. Also, stay away from foods linked to acne breakouts, such as burgers, caffeine, processed foods, and pizza. Yeah,  stay away from the foods that taste naughty good 🙂

Cover up your skin

The cold air is your enemy during winter, but one of the things you can do is cover up. Maybe don’t go for the Eskimo look, might be a bit too obvious, but a scarf and cute bobble hat can keep the cold air away. If you really want to go all out a balaclava could work. But, you know, don’t get any ideas about robbing a bank.

Don’t stop your acne routine

The winter season is the time of the year when there tends to be loads to do, but it is important that you do not stop your important acne routine. Being consistent will provide a sturdy barrier against potential acne breakouts.


Remove those outer layers of dull, dry skin by exfoliating on a regular basis. Stay away from harsh, abrasive exfoliators, which could otherwise lead your skin to produce more oil and potentially aid acne breakouts. Instead, opt for mild, natural options and only carry out this skin care routine two times a week at most.

Finally, don’t pop!

This tip goes for all year round, but popping those pimples will only aid the spread of bacteria, which can lead to the spread of acne breakouts meaning  they’re around for longer.

Enjoy your winters! Stay happy in your skin.


Today’s guest blogger, Jessica Fowler writes for VISS Beauty where you can learn more about acne skin care.


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