Are You A Culprit To These Disgusting Skin Habits?

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What are you doing to your skin? Given it a serious thought? We are not talking about popping those occasional zits, or forgetting to wash your makeup before bed- we are talking about those small habits of yours that will eventually lead to larger skin problems. What you do as a small habit may actually lead to abusing your skin to the highest degree!

Nail biting

Well, if you are simply chipping off that jagged nail edge, it’s OK. However, when your nail biting habit goes past your nails, down to the cuticle and the skin around the finger- its serious abuse! You have a bad habit, that’s going to put you into serious health problems.

Your nails are the dirtiest part of your body. Filled with grime, these can often harbor worms that cause a number of digestive tract issues. Repeated nail biting increases the risk of contracting colds, spread germs to the lips and mouth, and can even severely infect the fingers and the skin around them. What more, nail-biting makes the fingers sore, and you can bite that perfect manicured look goodbye!

Skipping that shower?

Are you planning to skip your bath? Like you did yesterday, the day before, or the day before that? Are you the type who prefers to bathe once a week or worse, once in 15 days? Phew! Do you know that beyond the immediate ramifications of body odor and a declining social circle, not bathing regularly has serious skin health effects? Let us list a few of them.

Your skin contains 2.6 million sweat glands that produce about 1 to 3 liters of sweat per hour (average approx.) Sweat itself has no odor. However, the bacteria present on the body, metabolize the proteins and fatty acids in your sweat, and produce the odor. Sweat and hair makes your skin sticky. Over the course of the day, your body accumulates a lot of grime, dirt and of course more germs, fungi, yeast, and bacteria, making your skin more prone to acne. Your skin will also lose its radiance with dead skin buildup, leading to – once again acne!

What if you get itchy, scratch and end up breaking your skin with these germs around. Can you imagine the havoc they would create if they manage to reach your blood stream?

Skin picking – from popping zits to a compulsive disorder

Popping zits is disgusting enough. The harm that you end up doing to your skin by squeezing those pimples can range from deep scars to pushing the dirt and infection deeper into the skin. This results in more breakouts. Continuously picking, scratching or digging into acne and blemishes with fingers, tweezers, pins, needles, or even toothpicks, is a more serious disorder.

Such habits lead to skin discoloring, deeper permanent scarring, and eventually severe tissue damage and visible disfiguring of the skin. Sore skin and scabs called “acne excoria” lead to serious skin infections.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and primarily made to protect you. What may seem to you as a harmless habit can lead to disgusting consequences. So please, for skin’s sake… STOP!


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