Are You Fooling Your Skin- 12 Beauty Myths Debunked

Its April fool’s day! Find out if you are fooling your skin with these twelve beauty myths.

Your Makeup/ Skin care product is giving you acne.
True and False: It’s not the makeup or skin care product per-Se that is giving you breakouts. Your acne could be an inflammatory response to an ingredient/s present in the product, a skin reaction or your skin’s unique response to certain ingredients present in the products. Expired skincare and makeup products could illicit a breakout. Makeup that’s very old could be a breeding ground for bacteria, giving you the zits.

Your Age spots are a result of aging
False: Brown, hazy, freckle like skin discolorations also called sun spots are not a result of aging, they are the result of years of unprotected sun exposure. Daily sun protection and application of products containing hydroquinone and  niacinamide  help reduce these skin discolorations.

You can add collagen back to your skin
False: Collagen molecules are too large to penetrate the skin via creams. You have to boost the natural production of collagen by using products with active ingredients like matrixyl and niacinamide. You can maintain your collagen levels with a strong barrier compound that seals in the collagen in your skin.

Drink more water to alleviate dry skin
False: You don’t get dry skin with just depleted water levels or lack of moisture. Dry skin results due to far more complex mechanisms. If drinking more water would alleviate dry skin, then no one would have dry skin and moisturizers would stop being sold. On the contrary, drinking too much of water than what your body needs could be harmful in the long run , not to forget you running to the bathroom day and night!

Moisturizer applied at night is a specialized night cream
False: The only difference between an AM and PM moisturizer is the presence of SPF for daytime sun protection in an AM product. Its humbug to think that skin only repairs and replenishes in the night and not in the day! Skin cells regenerate, slough off and repair all throughout the day and night. For skin to behave healthily, you need to treat it well at both AM and PM.

Your skin adapts to products you use and eventually they stop working.
False: As long as you are applying the correct skincare products in answer to your skin’s needs, they will work and your skin will remain healthy. It’s crazy to think that after a while these healthy skincare products no longer work! If we eat fruits and green leafy vegetables every day, do they stop being healthy after a year of regular consumption?  It’s possible that when you switch to the ‘right’ product your skin’s response is initially good. This is because your skin starts getting nourishment from the product’s healthy ingredients.  With time the skin continues looking healthy with this nourishment that you provide.

Your enlarged pores can shrink.
False: It’s impossible to change the size of your pores, but you can give a temporary illusion of smaller pores by using retinoids in your skincare regime. Applying egg whites tightens the skin making your pores look smaller.

You need an eye cream.
False: There is no evidence to claim that your eye area needs ingredients different from those you use on your face. Eye creams are the industry’s gimmick to market  treatment creams at higher prices and sell two products when only one is needed.

Do you sit cross legged? You’ll get varicose veins.
False: It’s not sitting that causes spider veins, its standing for long periods, genetics, pregnancy and trauma that give you varicose veins.

You can get rid of cellulite.
False: It’s just not possible to permanently eliminate cottage cheese looking cellulite. You can temporarily reduce its orange peel appearance by using either firming creams that contain caffeine or a rich hydrating moisturizer hydrates your skin well, make cellulite less obvious. A fake tan can camouflage it.

You only need sun protection in summer.
False: You need to wear sunscreen all year round, may it be winter, summer, autumn or spring. It’s preposterous to think that the sun’s harmful rays only cause harm in the summer months and no harm otherwise!

Oily skin doesn’t need moisture.
False: The oil and water content of your skin are two separate parameters. No doubt, oily skin may seem to be hydrated, but that’s not the case every time. Moisturizing is essential for oily skin, you just need to use oil-free or water based products.

Be Skin savvy = Enjoy healthy skin!


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Are You Fooling Your Skin- 12 Beauty Myths Debunked

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