Are You Ready To Glitter And Sparkle?

With gold surpassing the $1,300 an ounce mark last week, I feel like I missed out on a great investment opportunity. On second thought, my skin could do with some precious metal investment with skin care products that contain gold and other precious metals. But, do they really work? Are they really worth the buck? I was on my next mission to research the Glitter n’ Sparkle in skincare.

Are you a James Bond fan? Do you remember Goldfinger with Shirley Eaton’s whole body painted in gold? While I do not want to have my whole body covered in gold, I have wondered if gold is good for my skin. Gold in skin care products is found in fleck or nano form, that is super tiny particles suspended in a liquid mixture known as a colloid.  You can even indulge in 24-karat gold facial treatments at many spas. Experts say that gold in colloidal form best penetrates the skin and provides benefits from tightening, toning and smoothing fine lines but some dermatologists claim that gold provides no benefit whatsoever at best and that some could cause skin irritations.

Is there a silver lining?  Maybe you are not a Bond girl, but  prefer silver like Kim Kardashian. Colloidal silver has been hailed as a cure for many conditions given its         antibiotic and anti-inflammatory qualities. However, the Food and Drug administration has taken action against some manufacturers of colloidal silver products taken orally (supplements, nasal sprays) for making false claims.  In addition, there have  been cases of people developing a condition called Argyria, which is a blue-gray discoloration of the skin triggered by exposure to the sun which is not life-threatening but its irreversible.  From my research, it seems that the amount of silver contained in skin care products is insignificant as to cause any major harm. It is found in soaps to treat skin rashes and skin care creams to treat acne. However, it is better to check each product and consult a dermatologist on how to best treat these skin conditions.

Would you like a platinum ring? There are several skin care lines which contain products containing platinum particles which are said to provide an ‘electric balance’ to the skin and protect against free radicals and aging with restoring  moisture and tightening the skin.
Have you used skin care products with precious metals in them? Write and let us know.

Are You Ready To Glitter And Sparkle?

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Are You Ready To Glitter And Sparkle?

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