Are You Still Using That Melanoma Giving BED?

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Seen the Hollywood horror-thriller Final Destination? Remember the horrifying depiction of the tanning bed. Brrrr!!  Look around you- internet, magazines, journals, friends, spa therapists, esthys- ALL are telling you about the horrors of tanning beds. Moreover people, these are real, not some Hollywood reel that can be laughed off with a bag of popcorn and a sip of coke!

That golden glow – the Tan! A tan is the body’s attempt to protect you against the damage of UV radiation. The sun-rays consist of UV-A and UV-B rays. While the UV-B radiation  burns your skin (sunburns), the UV-A rays penetrate deeper into the layers of the skin. The UV-A’s trigger melanocytes in your skin cells to produce melanin, causing the browning effect. Both UV-A and UV-B are extremely harmful for your skin as they can alter the cell DNA.

Fake ‘n’ Bake – Tanning beds are worse than sun exposure, exposing the skin to 12 times more UV-A rays than the sun. Most tanning beds exceed the “safe” UV radiation limits, with doses higher than exposing yourself to the Mediterranean afternoon-summer sun! Tanning leads to premature aging, wrinkles, sunspots, conjunctivitis, cataract, or even corneal damage. The scariest effect of tanning however is skin cancer! It begins with an adverse drop in immunity and the body loses the ability to fight. Eventually, your cells give-in to the damage caused in the DNA, resulting in different types of skin cancers – melanoma, squamous or basal cell carcinoma.

While squamous and basal cell carcinomas don’t spread to other parts of the body, melanoma is like the dangerous mythical beast Hydra – growing two heads when one is cut off! If the melanoma reaches even a millimeter deep in the skin, or is likely to reach the lymph nodes, there is an 85 % chance of fatality!  According to the Melanoma Research Foundation, almost 65 percent of melanoma diagnoses are connected to exposure of UV rays both found outdoors or in tanning beds.  A cancer is a cancer! Even if it is not a fatal cancer, it most often leads to surgeries and at times, traumatic experiences of seeing layer-by-layer of some part of your body succumbing to surgery!

The Hard Sell-  If you have ever been inside a tanning salon, you know the hard sell. They will tell you about ‘tanning accelerators’ that come in ‘a package deal’, so that your ‘golden glow’ doesn’t ‘go soon’. It is worse when salons promote tanning as a remedy for osteoporosis or as a way of getting in your daily requirement of Vitamin-D. These tanning salons only inform users of eye damage and don’t emphasize on the severe skin damage caused; they definitely never mention skin cancer! What can you expect from a business that is trying to hard sell a product to make money?

Be wiser – say NO to these melanoma giving tan beds!


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