Banish Those Pesky Wrinkles With BOTOX


If you are like most women, once in your early 30s, you start noticing annoying little lines that becoming permanent on your face, when you smile or frown.  Alas, if only there was something as the fountain of eternal youth that we could drink from that could permanently banish those lines.  Of course there is no such fountain! But modern day technology has given us several options to fan our flames of vanity, one of which is botox.

Botox is the trade name for botulinum toxin A. It’s a neurotoxin (one that affects the nervous system) and is produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. Despite its highly toxic nature it’s used in small quantities to treat muscle spasms and achieve a youthful look. Botox was approved by the Food and Drug Association of U.S. in 2002.

Botox is far more effective and less costly than a surgical face lift or any other anti-aging treatments.  It is extremely efficient in reducing wrinkles on the face and neck areas. This treatment successfully plumps up the glabellar (frown) lines that add years to one’s appearance. It revitalizes and rejuvenates the face taking away all signs of age and stress. You needn’t wait for weeks to recover from face lifts, all it takes now is a needle prick and within a quarter of an hour you’re free to go. The results of a Botox treatment can be seen in a matter of a few days. The best part about it is that it’s a non-surgical process. Botox also helps treating excessive underarm sweating and studies show that Botox may aid in the treatment of foot ulcers.

However, results of botox last anywhere between 4 to 6 months after which you will have to undergo the process again. Since it numbs and hardens muscles, it may give your face a permanent surprised or scowling look. This is something you really need to think about before you consider botox – do you prefer a porcelain, slightly unnatural finish over fine lines? You may suffer from allergic reactions to Botox. If you take antibiotics regularly there is a higher chance of you developing a reaction. During pregnancy and breast feeding, women are strictly advised against Botox for the safety of the child who is dependent on the mother for nutrition. Some patients complain of bruising at the site of the injection. The most common side effects following the use of Botox are headache, respiratory infection, eyelids drooping, nausea, and flu syndrome (around 3% of total number of people injected). In rare cases Botox can spread to the neighboring muscles and cause temporary paralysis in that muscle.

Make sure you consult an experienced practitioner before treating your face with Botox, and also get plenty of second opinions from others in the community who have had Botox done.

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