Basics of Acne Management


As a teenager, I spent many sleepless nights worrying about acne. These irritating little monsters crept up before every significant occasion…be it a big date, a class picture or prom night! As I grew older, I finally relaxed thinking that I had outgrown my acne, only to wake up one fine morning to find a bright red spot shining sitting pertly on my face!

The truth is that we all worry about acne and its return from cradle to grave. The moment we see that pimple, instinctively, we touch it, rub it, pick it or simply wish it to go away. Thankfully, now there is a whole gamut of acne treatments that can help you overcome your acne – and your fear!

How to make it go away? Surprising treatments that really work!

Focus on your overall sense of hygiene. Keep your hands off the afflicted area, wash your face at least twice a day with an oil free cleanser, use a light oil free water based moisturizer to prevent skin flaking, drink plenty of water to detoxify your skin, keep stress levels in control with proper exercise and a good diet. Now, these are the things that you have heard of. I tried each of these and my acne still got the better of me and it made me wonder “Will I ever find a cure for acne?” As I dug deeper, I found some surprising acne treatments that you might not have heard of.

  • Cell salt therapy: This therapy is based on the findings of the 19th century German doctor Dr. William H. Scheussler. Cell salt therapy practitioners believe that acne is largely caused by the deficiency of calcium sulfate. Just put a tiny amount of calcium sulfate to the afflicted area. As the calcium sulfate uses is diluted, you can safely test its effectiveness.
  • Home remedies: Surprising cures for acne can be found in your own kitchen. Wipe your face with a slice of lemon can help control acne lemon has glycolic acid which dermatologists use to exfoliate skin. Egg white dries the face and prevents acne break outs. When left on the face overnight, honey will work its magic by fighting acne-causing bacteria and reducing breakouts. Raid your kitchen to find out what works for you!
  • Laser therapy: A common treatment for acne, laser therapy achieves permanent results in one sitting. Blue light therapy, diode lasers and high intensity lasers take care of sebaceous glands on an overdrive and the acne-causing bacteria. These treatments could make the skin look youthful and elastic but some people with chronic skin conditions might not be suitable. Doing proper research and consulting a dermatologist before opting for this option is a good idea.
  • Chemical peels: Chemical peels have been known to work wonders for acne inflicted skin. Alpha Hydroxy Peels or AHA peels remove debris and irritants that cause acne from the skin, they stimulate the formation of collagen and give you better looking skin. Chemical peels too, may have some side effects such as redness and itching. But when administered properly, these peels could be great for acne management.

Dermatologists believe that there is no so-called “cure” for acne. But, acne management sure is possible. What’s your acne management story?

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