Beauty And Beyonce- A look Into Celebrity Beyonce’s Beauty Routine


Grammy winner, accomplished actress, red carpet favorite, celebrity wife, new mother, perfume brand powerhouse…Beyonce sure does don a number of avatars with effortless ease. Be it her smashing red carpet look on ice pick heels or a wash and wear look, Beyonce looks gorgeous all the time! Wanna  know her skin care secrets to help you get skin-licious gorgeous?

Keep it simple: That’s Beyonce’s skin care mantra. She manages to go to bed with a squeaky clean face with Aquaphor smeared all over it. Apart from that she always wears huge sunglasses when she is outdoors and never faces the sun without her sunscreen. She believes that well begun is half work done. She loves Emu oil known to be a great wrinkle fighter and hydrator. She believes in using a primer before she puts on her makeup. This makes her makeup glide on perfectly and she stays skin protected.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend:  This celebrity goes in for regular skin cleaning facials. Though she doesn’t experiment much with medical facials, she favors diamond cream facials.

Nail it right:  Beyonce takes special care of her nails. What’s her secret? She never leaves dark colored nail enamel on her nails for long and always gives her nails 24 hours to breathe between nail paints. She also massages a vitamin E capsule on her nails to give them that super shiny and healthy look.

Relaxation time: She confesses that since she is on the road a lot her skin does take a beating because of stress and long hours. Her way to get back her glow is to take a relaxing holiday and go for plenty of swims in the ocean. While on work she gets her glow by dancing for almost two hours a day. Though she isn’t a big fan of exercising she does manage to work out a couple of times a week and runs every day for two miles on the treadmill.

Eat well to great skin: This booty-li-cious singer isn’t too big on weight watching. But she doesn’t go overboard either binge eating or with excessive dieting. She has a high fiber breakfast, a light lunch mostly of grills and salad and a very light dinner. Nuts and seeds are her snack.

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