Beauty Baths – How to play with bubbles and look good too


We all love taking a bath, women, and yes, even men though they might not want to admit it.   Don’t worry I won’t mention any names.  Not only does it feel good to relax in some warm water and fun bubbles, but you’re actually beautifying yourself.  Who knew?!? 

When we become stressed our focus is obviously set on our actual stresses and rarely do we stop to think about what the stress is doing to our body and skin.  It’s crucial for you to take time for yourself, especially when feeling stressed.  Taking just a few minutes to bask in a warm bath can release endorphins that help lessen your stress.  By releasing endorphins you’re naturally allowing your body to relieve pain and stress.  Believe it or not, studies also show that by releasing endorphins you’re slowing down the aging process.  Yes, that’s right, the aging process! Suuure….now I can hear all those tubs going. 

Now that I have you planning your late night bath; there are a variety of products that not only heal your mind and body but your skin will love you for.  These products range from body salts, to oils, to exfoliators and in some cases even herbs and spices.  

The salts you add to your bath help balance the water levels so less water is absorbed by the skin resulting in less wrinkling and pruning from long exposure.  So go ahead and spend the extra time in the tub, no one will ever know.   Oh- You can also thank the salts, for loosening up that tension in your back! 

Many people run from the word oil but don’t let that intimidate you.  Bath oils provide tons of nourishment to the skin leaving it moisturized and super soft long after your bath.   Just make sure to use them in moderation. 

My personal favorite part of bathing is exfoliating.  Exfoliators are like sand paper for the body.  They scrub away dead skin cells and clean way deep down into the pores, removing any excess dirt and oil.  Exfoliators have been said to reduce the appearance of cellulite as well.  That alone sells me!

These simple steps will help make bath time that much more worth it.   Feeling a little wild?  Treat yourself to salts and oils that contain luxurious scents.  The aroma’s alone are said to be relieve stress; add them to your bath and it’s a double whammy. 

Don’t let yourself feel overwhelmed from all the products out there.  Let mySkin do the dirty work for you; check out what bath products work best for your skin type and what people “Just Like Me” are using.   Now get those products pronto and soap up with nowhere to go.  Tomorrow will thank you!

  • Amy

    Great read! Just to add- salts that can be used- epsom salts for exfoliation; Dead sea salts for dry, itchy skin; salts that have essential oils in them give you the aromatheray experience. Enjoy!

  • jennie

    Nice article. I follow this simple remedy of taking a bath twice a day to get relived from a stress .