Being Active Is Great for the Skin!


You hear about the benefits of exercise all the time from doctors, friends and even the media.  Fitness enthusiasts constantly promote the benefits of regularly engaging in physical activity to maintain a healthy body.  Skin, the largest organ of the body, is no different to this mantra.  To retain healthy skin one needs to exercise and the results will be seen by all.

Cardiovascular exercises are great for flushing out the toxins in your skin and removing any excess storage of fat (in the form of sweat) leaving you with a supple and glowing look. It also removes extra baggage of fat, leaving a younger and more beautiful skin.  Exercises like a brisk walk, a short sprint help a lot. Even taking your dog out, playing with your child gives you enough exercise and a renewed sense of well being.

Yoga helps in various aspects of your skin’s health.  It provides circulation which can lead to a reduction in wrinkle formation and produce a natural face lift.  The various poses allow the blood to circulate to the face bringing in oxygen and nutrients while refreshing the skin. Yoga and meditation bring calmness and peace to a frazzled mind leaving a satisfied glow on the skin. Practice deep breathing.  Slow, controlled breathing exercises also shift your body’s balance of oxygen, creating a controlled energized breath, deeper level of consciousness while eliminating any active stress. All the toning and focused breathing will allow your skin to look younger, soften the skin and rejuvenate the glands.  All good things for the skin :)

No matter what activity you engage in, being active is the ultimate stress reducer. Do something — anything — every day, as exercise only tames stress for a maximum of 24 hours. So for maximum benefits, you need to exercise daily. Staying active also boosts circulation, which delivers more nutrients to your cells and skin. It also increases lung capacity, allowing you to take in more oxygen and have a renewed sense of well being.

But, if you are short on time (Who isn’t?!), sneak in a 10-minute pocket of activity into your day — at lunch, after dinner, at work, or right after you get up! Find ways to put fitness into your daily schedule. Abdominal exercises give your body a toned look which boosts your self esteem and confidence too. Facial exercises for the eyes and the mouth remove stiffness of the facial muscles. Exercise helps correct your sleeping and digestion habits too. Through exercise, you sleep better, which works wonders on your skin.  Healthy diet helps maintain a youthful, firmer skin which helps build up a magical aura around you.  Isn’t it time to be radiant?

What exercise do you do to keep your skin healthy?