Boost Your Confidence With These Feel Good Foods

feel good foodsHaven’t we all attacked that tub of ice cream with a vengeance to feel good, only to feel worse after? While certain foods do give you that temporary good feeling, most of them just leave you bloated and dehydrated. The results show on your skin and personality! But there are a few foods that are not going to riddle you with guilt…instead will make you feel better and far more confident.

Here are mySkin’s confidence boosters.

  • Beat Wrinkles

Vitamin C – Bell peppers

Add a good dose of Vitamin C in your diet and subtract years off your face. Just half a bell pepper is all you need to pack in a full days vitamin punch. Overcooking bell peppers strips them of their nutrients so have them raw with a yogurt dip as a snack or in a light olive oil drizzled green salad.

Add Beta carotene and lycopene – Melons – Red and orange

Red and orange melons are loaded with lycopene and beta carotene. These nutrients prevent premature aging and also protect the skin from sun damage. Have 1 cup of cantaloupe and ½ cup of watermelon with your breakfast to maximize on the amazing benefits of these simple fruits.

  • Beat the Blues

Folate – Black eyed peas, kidney beans, black beans

Beat your blues and up your confidence with legumes. They are very high in their folate content and help in brain cell development. This helps you cope with your day better since your reactions will be better processed. Try just ½ a cup of any of these beans along with some light grilled chicken (for that added boost of Vitamin B12 and B6) and beat your blues away.

Iron – Lean steak, turkey, seafood

Iron deficiency makes you feel tired, fatigued and low on confidence. Irons found in animal protein are absorbed more efficiently than veggie protein (such as spinach). Help yourself twice a week to lightly grilled lean beef cuts, turkey or seafood such as clams and shrimps and pick up on your energy levels and confidence.

  • Beat the bulge/bloat

Protein – Eggs

Proteins found in eggs are perfect to keep you fuller for longer and expand energy levels. They also help in resisting snacking on that sugar loaded granola bar or that extra cup of sugar loaded coffee and help in pulling through till lunch time. Lesser calories lead to a slimmer waistline.

Oelic acid – Pistachios

Go nuts with oleic acid found in nuts such as Pistachios. These nuts have a good amount of fiber, protein and the bonus dose of Oelic acid which helps in feeling fuller for longer.

Low calorie salads

Incorporating at least one serving of crunchy green salad everyday gives your system ample fiber and water to keep it clean and also helps in weight loss and beating the bloat. Add a light citrus dressing to your salad to give it the zingy freshness.

Eat goodness= feel goodness!


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Creating A Healthier Spa Experience

Creating A Healthier Spa Experience

Boost Your Confidence With These Feel Good Foods

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