Carbs – Are They Good?


Is your skin glowing these days? Does your skin feel revived, refreshed and rejuvenated? Thank the carbohydrates in your diet. Many of us dread carbs, and are wary of having them in our food. True! Carbohydrates convert to fat, but only when not burned up correctly. It came to me as a surprise then that carbs and proteins are the building blocks of our body. Also, did you know that there are good carbs and bad carbs. Simply enjoy the good ones and chuck the bad away from your foods to get healthy skin.

Shun Them Now– Simple carbohydrates, found in refined foods like processed sugar, breads and milk products are bad for the body. They contain low nutritive value and add calories to our body. They cause further damage as they increase our blood sugar levels. To counter this rise in blood sugar, our body produces insulin from the pancreas. If these foods are taken often, the pancreas has to produce excess insulin, which puts a stress on the entire digestive system. This leads to a rise in the stress hormone, cortisol. Thus, eating these foods not only makes your skin look dull and blotchy, it also results in making you feel depressed and gloomy. Sodas and soft drinks are a classic example of foods with high levels of processed sugar content. Fast foods like burgers, hot dogs and pizzas made of processed meats and breads are harmful for our skin too. Consuming these foods over a long time span ruins our skin making it look lifeless.

Love Them Now – Complex carbohydrates  like whole wheat breads, pastas and fruits are packed with goodness. These carbs contain essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals and fiber, which are required for the overall functioning of our body. Complex carbs don’t cause a sudden increase in blood sugar levels but rather release small amounts of sugar over a longer period of time. This helps the body to absorb nutrients at regular intervals. The fiber present helps in regulating our digestive system, in removing toxic waste, resulting in less of skin problems. Moreover, an efficient digestive system leads to good blood circulation. This reflects on the skin giving it a radiant look. Good carbs also help to trigger cell generation in the body, giving you gleaming and youthful skin.

The secret to glowing skin is a ‘good carbohydrate’ diet, what do you think? Write in and let us know.