Celebrate Flawless Skin With Red, Blue And White On Independence Day


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With 4th of July just round the corner, it’s time to fine tune your plans with shopping, family outings, a beach rendezvous and more. Darlings, it’s the day to celebrate our independence :)

Do you want to enjoy guilt free? Do you want to feel good about yourself at the end of the day? Do you want to look skin happy and flawless? Get going with these red, blue and white foods:

Blue For Blueberries: This fruit has the highest levels of antioxidants, green tea and red wine combined. They contain amino acids, vitamins, and essential fatty acids, all great for your skin. The polyphenols present in blueberries; anthocyanodins, quercetin and myricetin are powerful inhibitors of free radical damage, keeping your skin fit and happy.

White For Tofu: Bean-curd or tofu provides your skin with ample amounts of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. These fatty acids keep your skin hydrated and nourished from the inside and are effective in keeping those wrinkles and fine lines at bay. The high levels of protein, collagen, amino acids, vitamin E, selenium, zinc, manganese, iron and calcium make tofu a skin power food!

Red For Watermelon: Up your water intake and stay hydrated from the inside-out with red and luscious watermelons. The water also keeps you toxin free, giving you clear skin. High vitamin C in watermelons help boost your immune system and strengthen your cell walls. Bioflavonoids in this fruit have a natural anti inflammatory action on your skin, giving your skin a flawless look.

Happy Independence Day :)