Celebrity Series: Beyonce’s Beauty Secrets Revealed

beyonce beauty secrets

Beyonce is what Dream Girls are really made up of. There would hardly be anyone who wouldn’t want her perfect glowing complexion. The dusky beauty has a few tricks up her sleeve (and also perhaps the best aestheticians in the world!) that keep her looking like the star that she truly is, even without a scrap of makeup!

Here mySkin reveals the skincare world of the Bootilicious singer!

For skin so special: Much like a lot of us; yes, believe it or not, Beyonce is a lover of at home spa treatments. We know that she swears by Carol’s Daughter Sea Salt Scrub. Since her life is always on the go, this scrub is her beauty fix for tired looking skin. The scrub is naturally moisturizing and helps her in scrubbing and getting a kick-start for her day!(instead of waiting to slather lotion all over). Beauty benefit aside, Beyonce also finds this at home treatment extremely relaxing.

The perfect pout: Ever wondered what is the secret behind Beyonce’s perfect pout? Her absolute beauty must have is the Smith’s Rosebud Salve. This soft lip salve gives her lips the intense moisturization keeping them soft and smooth. Since she wears a lot of dark lip colors her lips need deep nourishment which this salve aptly provides. Another trick up her sleeve is: before she wears her dark colors she primes her lips with the lip salve and gently scrubs with a baby tooth brush.

Lash lustrous: Beyonce’s eyes can light up any outfit. What’s her secret? Her long and thick lashes! She has been known to be a lover of fake eye lashes until recently she discovered that her favorite lip salve doubles up as her lash primer. She applies the Rosebud salve before curling her lashes for a natural mascara effect. Who says celebrities don’t make their products multi- task!

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend: If there is one skin cream that Beyonce swears by, it is Natura Bissé Cleanser and Diamond Skin Care collection. This advanced strengthening, toning and moisturizing cream and cleanser boasts of using real diamond dust in its formula. We know for sure this girl loves her sparkles!

Quick make up fix: Like every busy celebrity, Beyonce has stress and long hours taking a toll on her skin health, making it look chalky. Since make up cannot be given a miss, she swears by the MAC Fix+ after spray. Just spray on after you  brush your face powder on to make your skin look alive and bright again. Many a times, Beyonce gives the face powder a break and just uses the MAC after spray to look naturally glowing.

Mother knows best: This celebrity has always been mommy’s girl and taken her advice seriously. A believer of inner beauty, she tries to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat right and feel happy. Most of all she always takes off the war paint to give some precious oxygen to her skin.


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Celebrity Series: Beyonce’s Beauty Secrets Revealed

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