Celebrity Series- Demi Lovato Does What To Her Skin!

demi lovato

She’s in the limelight for all the right reasons! She’s pretty, she’s young and she’s got a great fan following- not just for her role in X Factor, but also for being spotted in trendy styles and flawless skin – with or without make-up!

She’s Demi Lovato!

Recently, Demi talked beauty on Twitter and must we say she has some serious beauty mojo. Keeping it simple, edgy, au naturele, or flashy, Demi swears by her aesthetician  Renee Rouleau’s skin care line. She follows a simple beauty routine but its always in her to-do list- talk about diligence!

Wash and CTM

“The first thing I do in the morning is wash my face,” says Demi. “I wash it with an exfoliator kind of gel.”  She uses Renee Rouleau BHA Clarifying Serum to keep her skin oil free and thus acne free, while reducing dark marks and red spots through exfoliation.

Her Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser scrubs away dull skin leaving it feeling soft and hydrated keeping it clear of breakouts. She uses a Mario Badescu toner, after which she completes her daily regime with a moisturizer.

Demi Lovato swears by Orogold 24K Multi-Vitamin Day Moisturizer that keeps her skin moisturized all day making her look fresh and reduces aging lines. Renee Rouleau’s Hawaiian Nourishing cream helps heal Demi’s sensitive skin and also softens fine lines. For her night treatments, she uses Orogold 24K Multi-Vitamin Night Nourishment that rejuvenates her skin as she gets her beauty sleep.

Demi Lovato loves her moisturizers and uses a lot of them to keep her skin hydrated and soft and glowing.

A Splash of Color

Demi Lovato’s international star status have made her makeup routine a coveted one by most young women. Her makeup artist, Jill Powell, shares Demi’s makeup secrets.

She says, “Demi loves her glowing skin, so no matter what the style is, her glow is for keeps.” She always uses Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick on her cheeks. Demi is also fond of NARS Sheer glow foundation and Make Up For Ever Moulin Rouge red lipstick.

Demi herself confesses, “My on-the-go makeup kit always contains concealer, foundation, blush and mascara. I can feel glamorous without makeup too, especially on my lips. They’re naturally reddish, so I often let them go. I also do a lot of contouring and highlight my cheekbones with a mineral bronzer from M.A.C. Also, I always do my eyebrows. I like to keep them well shaped.” Demi Lovato often prefers the au natural look and goes without makeup.


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