Celebrity Skincare: Flawless Nicole Kidman


Nicole Kidman- the Aussie beauty known the world over not only for her acting prowess but her flawless porcelain skin! Born in sunny Honolulu, she is a figure of perfection. Almost everything about her is perfect…her skin, figure and honey red hair -making her look fragile yet powerfully beautiful. What is it that keeps her so beautiful?

Multifaceted beauty regime: Nicole Kidman is quite uncompromising with her beauty regime. She gets regular oxygen boost facials, intensive facial cleanings and reflexology done against her eye bags. She uses some of the the best skin care lines. She is a fan of the entire Erno Laszlo line and likes skin care products from AESOP, Ole Henriksen and Jurlique. Botox maintains her perfect skin and looks wrinkle free. But Botox is not the only reason behind her silky skin. Her skin is prone to freckles and sun spots as she is very pale. Too much sun exposure makes pale skin very vulnerable towards premature aging and sun spots. Nicole Kidman, hence makes sure that she stays out of the sun as much as possible. She always wears a wide brimmed hat when in the sun to minimize sun damage. It is said that she always uses sun screen that is of a SPF 100!

Lifestyle Goodness: I’ve noticed that Nicole Kidman glows from within. This is because of a stellar diet comprising of organic foods only. She manages to drink plenty of water to keep her skin well hydrated. Coupled with this she never skips her exercise regime and always manages to get 10 hours of sleep. Another secret I’m privy to is- Chocolate! The darker the better as dark chocolate are packed with anti oxidants that fight free radicals and slow the aging process. Her diet is rich in Vitamin A- the power vitamin responsible for regulating skin health.

mySkin Recommends: For Nicole Kidman’s mature and sensitive skin we recommend the Dermal Day Cleanser by Dermalogica. Since her skin is very sensitive to sunlight we recommend she uses the Cellex C Serum. This serum gives the skin the hydration it needs to stay smooth and yet doesn’t cause skin reactions such as sun sensitivity. For overall skin hydration we recommend the Body Cream by Clinique which has a sunscreen component of SPF30. The Renew Overnight cream by SkinCeuticals is a perfect night cream to balance and regenerate her skin.

A good skin care routine, balanced diet and regular exercise keeps Nicole Kidman in perfect skin health. She looks good effortlessly and is a timeless beauty:)


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