Commendable Fight Against Frankenstorm, Happy Halloween


Happy Halloween! Have a great time with ghouls, ghosts, super beings, witches and wizards. Make it an evening to remember with candy, cookies, pumpkin pies and drinks ( albeit, don’t overeat and guzzle too much- you don’t want an hangover morrow!)

What is mySkin doing for Halloween?

Rahul, CEO and co-founder: Halloween this time is on a subdued note after “Frankenstorm”.  My thoughts and prayers are with all in these difficult times. I also appreciate the zeal and commitment shown by the community to win against this water fury. My daughter will be attending a kiddie party all dressed up as Super Girl in flight. No Halloween makeup for her and the young ones, please.

Leena, VP Marketing and Sales: In New York City, it’s all about the Halloween parade and people watching on subway trains full of ghouls, goblins, witches and painted what-have-yous. I was to go to an urban haunted house and catch some live music in a bar with a costume contest, but everything has been canceled in the aftermath of Sandy. As it was last night, I’m sure people are going to be out in full force in their costumes on the streets of NYC, so I will join the merriment out in the open and at a local wine bar. Post partying,  I use pure almond oil and Neutrogena make-up remover wipes to get rid of the paint/make-up on my face.