Daddy Skin Care Routine!


Dad’s the greatest! He’s a self- driven, hard working, committed individual living his present to the fullest. But all that perseverance has taken its toll on his skin; he’s got a dull look, fine lines and it feels rough.

This Father’s Day, I’m gifting him a ‘Daddy Skincare routine’. Share these tips with your Dad; he’ll love them!

Cleanse: The skin gets dirty- man or woman, hence all skin care routines begin with cleansing.  Cleansing removes dirt, pollutants and excessive oil from the skin which reduces the skin’s greasiness and prevents the pores from clogging. Male skin is generally oily by nature and the best thing for your Dad is a water soluble cleanser; ask him to use it twice a day. This allows his skin to breathe well and  look fresh. . He should avoid using soap on the face as this robs the skin of its natural moisture leaving it rough and coarse.

Shave: A skin care regime for a man will never be complete without shaving. Ensure that your Dad uses a  pre – shave oil without fail. This will prepare his skin for a great shaving experience.  He should use a quality shaving cream or gel; one that is least irritable and alcohol free. You could search the mySkin website for the ‘correct’ shave recommendations him. Also, gift him a new razor or buy him a new aftershave! He’ll really appreciate it.

Exfoliate: Shaving does exfoliate the skin to some extent but that is not enough. Get him to exfoliate once a week as this will help him get rid of the dead skin surface cells. Dead skin cells accumulate with time making your Dad’s skin look dull and unhealthy.

Moisturize: Regular shaving may at times leave his skin dry and dehydrated. Moisturizing is thus very essential to keep the skin hydrated. Well moisturized skin looks younger for long and wrinkles stay at bay.

Sun-protect: It’s true that a man’s skin is less sensitive to UV radiation, but this does not mean, it is impervious. It is essential for all men to apply a sunscreen before they step out in the sun. You could go to the site for sunscreen recommendations for him. Gift him one and enjoy the smile.

How are you  making  your Father’s Day special? Write in and tell us.

Happy Father’s Day!

  • Rosalie

    Made my dad feel so much better. Least that anyone could do. I also got him a new shaving kit. Thanks for the idea.

  • Seth Davis

    Well I’m a father to two kids but I look really old when compared to my wife. For over a month I’ve been looking for something that will help and finally my search ends here. I exactly know how and where I went wrong. Hope it ain’t to let to start afresh!