Daughters & Sons- Thank Your Mother For Your Beauty Routine!


Mommy is mommy! She’s always there to hand you a healing hug, feed you that delicious hot chicken soup when you’re sick and sometimes even, frog-march you to bathroom for a wash! You roll your eyes once more as she tells you to stop fussing with that zit!

Have you noticed that though she has her hands full trying to get you to listen to her, she still manages to look years younger, with soft and clear skin, albeit her product-less dresser!

Here are some of momma’s pearls of wisdom on skin care that you should thank her for!

Mother Says: Don’t touch your face too much

You know she’s right. With all the dirt, germs and grime found everywhere; your fingers are the perfect medium to spread them to your face. While you think your laptop, mobile and table is clean, think again. Or are you willing to risk a zit?

Mother Says: Wash-up before bed

Thinking of all those times, you never bothered? At the same time, you smile thinking about how your mother would take hours in the bathroom before she came out, smelling sweet, just in time for you to cuddle. She’s still diligent about her skincare routine, while you sweat, put on make-up, or spend the day out with your friends accumulating dust and pollution, and forget to wash your face before bed.

Mother Says:  Don’t over-pluck your eyebrows

Ten points to mom! Over-plucking eyebrows can cause microscopic scarring at the follicle root. Repeated plucking can result in deep scarring where the follicle can shut and prevent new hair from growing.

Mother Says: Drink more water

Well this one’s a no-brainer! Mom keeps telling you to drink more water and there’s nothing more true than keeping yourself well hydrated – summer or winter! It keeps your skin clear and younger looking.

Mother Says: Cut out the junk and eat more healthy, natural foods

You have read about the anti-aging wonders of natural fruits and vegetables, and even read about the bad, zit-causing effects of oily, sugary junk food all over the internet. Well, mommy has always told you to maintain a healthy diet. What you eat reflects on your skin!

Mummy’s beauty routine has truly benefited her. Her amazing skin says it all! It’s just a matter of following it religiously.

Thanks Mom, for my beauty routine 🙂


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