Did You Spring Clean Your Makeup Brushes?


Does your makeup brush have a schedule? Ever thought about it?  Every morning you dunk your brushes in makeup and then dunk them back into your make up bag where they lie around waiting for you to be used again. Sometimes they are placed on the bathroom sink; sometimes they fall to the ground. All along they keep picking up bacteria (from the bag, the sink top, the cabinet and the cosmetics that you use) which you in turn, deposit on your face. You’ll be surprised -the zit that’s popped up on your face may just be due to your unclean brush.

We love to use cosmetics and beauty products to take care of our appearance. But what we often forget is to take care of the gear that helps us look pretty. As unimaginable as it may sound, your makeup brushes are harboring bugs and bacteria that are a potential cause of skin break outs. A dirty make up brush means more acne on every application. Every time you use a makeup brush it picks up dead skin cells, skin oils, grime and bacteria that are present on your skin surface.  Isn’t it strange that almost 97% of women participate in spring cleaning and only 34% clean their makeup bag and almost 61% never clean their makeup brushes!

If you use a makeup brush then you have to clean it. But how often is enough? Make up experts believe that you should clean your make up brushes as often as you use them. But even if you can’t clean your make up brushes every day, you should religiously clean them at least once a week. Here is what you need to do:

  • Fill up a sink with warm water and a mild baby shampoo.
  • Clean each of your brushes and make up tools by individually soaping them till a lather forms. If your brushes have wood handles, do not soak them in the water. Instead soap the bristles and wipe the handles with a soapy cloth.
  • Rinse the brushes thoroughly in warm water and squeeze out all water from them. Let them lie flat and dry out completely before you use them again. Never dry the brushes facing the ceiling as it causes the water to drop into the glue fastening the bristles and makes them loose.

Alternately, you can also use a brush cleaner. Here is how you can best use it:

  • Lay your brushes on a tissue
  • Squirt the cleaner on the brushes until they are damp
  • Wipe the brushes and get rid of all the color and dirt
  • Let them dry and they are ready for use.

The next time you use your make up remind yourself to wash your makeup brushes too.

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    Wow!! Really it’s a very useful topic. We very often clean our makeup brushes which may cause many skin diseases. We don’t spend time to do this. From today I will definitely pay attention to this atleast once a week.