Did Your Mother Tell You These Beauty Secrets?

pssstMy mother kept this little diary, in which she would keep penning off-and-on, which was always off-limits to us! Both, me and my brother would have these guessing competitions about what she writes in there. The other day she revealed what’s in her “Little Black Book” as we called it.

I asked her about her recipe for the turmeric homemade mask that she used to apply every Sunday. To my surprise, she went to her drawer and took out that little, mysterious, treasure trove of secrets. I opened my mother’s Pandora Box and probably jumped into it just as Harry Potter had jumped into Riddle’s diary! There were so many natural tips, tricks and remedies in there. She was Mother Nature’s believer!

Here are her DIY beauty secrets:

  1. Turmeric – Mother loved turmeric. She applied a paste of turmeric, gram flour, rose water, and milk to her face every morning as a no-zit formula. Turmeric has amazing anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-septic qualities.
  2. Honey – Every night, she would moisturize her skin with a mix of honey and glycerin. A gentle rub for 2 minutes will moisturize, cleanse, and tone the skin.
  3. Barley Water – This was a surprising one! Perfect to iron out fine lines and wrinkles, a daily application of barley water and balsam balm drops mixed, works wonders. Anti-aging formula anyone?
  4. Cucumber – Using cucumber as a remedy for puffy eyes is a common practice. However, mother’s secret book prescribes making a paste of cucumber and lemon juice as a natural cooling bleach.
  5. Olive oil – I always remembered mother rubbing our nails with this smelly-garlicky oil, once a week. While I hated the ritual, I can see the effects on my great nails even today. Mother’s strong nail recipe included heating a little raw garlic paste in olive oil and soaking her fingertips in it once cooled.

Mom knows best!


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Daughters & Sons- Thank Your Mother For Your Beauty Routine!

Daughters & Sons- Thank Your Mother For Your Beauty Routine!

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