DIY vs Store-Bought Products – Which should you opt for?

When you’re trying to find the right product for your skincare routine, you often don’t know where to start. All those brands, packages and promises can sometimes make you dizzy! Every now and then, you surely run into someone who claims their skin is perfect since they started using only DIY products, so you start wondering whether you should start using them too.

The truth is, you should use everything that makes your skin look and feel good!

Most people who are truly dedicated to their skincare routines actually use both store bought products and DIY remedies – and combine them for best possible effects.

Here are some things you should keep in mind when choosing which type of products you should use.

  • Store bought products come with many ingredients you may find unknown, while DIY products contain only the ingredients you choose
  • DIY products may take more time to actually show the desired effects, since their quality and intensity may vary depending on the recipe you use and the way you’re making them
  • DIY products take time to make, while store bought products require minimal time and effort to apply; while DIY products require ingredient shopping, prep, applying and usually cleaning up the kitchen, your usual drugstore products only require applying. This is an important step to consider if time is a luxury for you.
  • Some DIY products make good environmentally friendly choices. If you choose to make your own sugar scrub instead of buying one with plastic particles, you’re not changing only your beauty routine, but the planet as well!

DIY products used by our grandmas and moms are sometimes the best kept beauty secrets. Almost everyone has a recipe for a good face mask or DIY treatment!

So while it can seem fairly easy to opt for one product type, the truth is you should use whatever feels right to you and your skin, regardless of the product type and place of purchase. If you prefer natural products, there is plenty of natural or organic brands to choose from, but DIY works great as well.

In the end, the only question that will be important is the same one you ask yourself to start with: what feels like the best choice for my skin?

DIY vs Store-Bought Products – Which should you opt for?

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DIY vs Store-Bought Products – Which should you opt for?

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