DIY- Wipe Your Make Up Clean Naturally

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Having a bad day? Struggling to remove make up without using make up remover? Try these simple and effective make up tips straight from your kitchen. You will love your skin for that.  

Coconut Oil – Coconut oil is one of the most effective remedy for removing makeup. While removing your make up, it moisturizes your skin making it soft and supple. Just add a small amount on cotton balls and run all over your face and eyes. It easily cleans your mascara and eye liners. Make it a part of your makeup removal routine.

Honey – Try this natural make up remover from your kitchen. Mix raw honey with a small amount of warm water. Now wash your face with this natural cleanser. Honey acts as a natural cleanser and removes dead skin easily.

Milk – A number of makeup removal products contain milk but they may not be safe to use as they are processed along with many other chemicals which may  harm your skin. You can just use raw milk or milk powder on your skin. This will even remove thick layers of foundation in a flash.

Almond Oil – Almond oil is a rich source of vitamin E. This oil works as a great make up remover. Just pour a small amount on your palm and apply on your face and wash your face. You will notice not a single stain of make up on your face and eyes.  

Gram Flour – Gram flour is another good make up remover. Make a paste of it with water and apply on your face and eyes. Leave it on for 5 minutes and notice the change. You will have a stain free glowing face in no time.

Olive OilOlive oil is not only good for your health but also for your skin. It is a great make up remover when applied in a small quantity. It is gentle on the skin and easily cleans your face from the dirt and chemicals while removing  make up.

Jojoba oil – Give this oil a try to remove your make up. It is good for all skin types. You will feel the essence of it throughout the day and  it keeps your skin moisturized and glowing.

Cucumber – For removing make up, you can also apply cucumber juice on your face. It is known for its soothing properties. While removing  makeup, it soothes your skin allergies and irritations.

Yogurt Plain yogurt is used by many women as a face cleanser. You would be happy to know that it can also be used to remove make up. Being a milk based product, it is as good as milk.

Aloe Vera – If you have oily skin and you avoid using oil to remove make up, aloe vera will be right choice for you. It has anti-inflammatory properties which will help sooth skin irritations.

Remove your make up with a natural twist while using these easy and beneficial home products and get that natural glow on your skin!


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Celebrity Scares For You – BOO!

Celebrity Scares For You – BOO!

mySkin Launches ScanZ- Your Pocket Friendly Acne Scanner

mySkin Launches ScanZ- Your Pocket Friendly Acne Scanner

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