Do You Have A Coconut In Your Skincare Routine?

What is it about coconuts that make them so adaptable in beauty and skin care? The small molecular structure of coconut oil ensures it gets absorbed into the body easily. The fruit’s intense moisturizing properties are a perfect skin care solution for harsh, dry winters. Summer skin care benefits greatly with the humble coconut because of its cooling properties and hypoallergenic nature.

Here’s how you can give coconut a try in your skin care routine:

Coconut moisturizers: If the bane of your skin care problem is dry skin then you will benefit greatly from coconut moisturizers and body butters. Pure virgin coconut oil used in skin care products gives the skin the intense hydration it needs. It also prevents the formation of free radicals giving your skin ample protection. The antioxidants and nutritive benefits of coconut oil used in moisturizers and lotions delay signs of aging and keep sun spots and fine lines at bay. In fact, since coconut oil can easily absorb in the skin, it helps the connective tissues stay connected making sure that skin doesn’t sag or wrinkle. Going through a bad phase of eczema or have sun burnt skin? Pure coconut oil can give you immense relief from your skin care woes. The antiseptic fatty acids present in the coconut oil help in easing skin problems when applied directly on the affected surface. Using a coconut based skin care product such as a coconut lotion, cream or soap on a regular basis helps in maintaining the skins natural acid and antimicrobial balance by preventing the entry of harmful germs in the body.

Coconut body scrubs: Try a coconut body scrub to get fresh and supple skin. Ground coconut husk and finely polished coconut shells effectively slough away dry skin while the coconut oil present in the scrub gives your body the delicious moisturization it needs.

Coconut facial cleansers:  Run out of cleanser and have a ton of make up to remove? Fret not if you have a jar of pure coconut oil in your beauty cabinet. Coconut oil gently removes all traces of grime, dirt and make up from your face. Use like a regular cleanser and then gently wipe off with damp cotton. Rinse well with water and a light face wash. Your face will feel squeaky clean, supple and delightfully moisturized.

Coconut oil mists: For skin that is painfully dry, try the coconut oil mist. Spray it on and rub on your body and get immediate super fast hydration.

Coconut foot creams: Enliven your pretty feet with the help of coconut foot creams. Coconut foot creams help repair dry, cracked feet by creating a moisture barrier on the skins surface. A dollop of coconut foot cream each night keeps your feet soft and supple.

Coconut lip balms: For soft kissable lips try out coconut lip balms. Coconut oil, aloe and vitamin E contained in most of these lip balms keep your lips crack free and soft all day long.

To give your skin the ‘Au natural’ pampering it needs try out products containing coconuts.

Have you tried coconuts in your skin care routine? Write in and let us know your experience.

Do You Have A Coconut In Your Skincare Routine?

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    I used to put coconut milk on my hair to make my hair healthy and shiny. But I could not stand the smell and I eventually stopped. It was really great, but for the smell!

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